How to hide orders on Amazon

why would i want hide my orders on amazon? If you share your account with friends or family, you may occasionally want to prevent them from seeing a particular order. It could be a gift or a product that you don’t want them to know you bought. Everyone has the right to have privacy! In Technoguide we tell you how archive your Amazon orders so no one can see them. And if you happen to be unhappy with your purchase, check out how to cancel an Amazon order and get a refund.

Hide orders on Amazon with the computer

The process to hide orders on Amazon is very simple. Actually, this function is known as “Archive orders” within the platform, so be careful because you only have to:

  1. Access the section “My orders” from the computer.
  2. When you locate the product you want to hide, select the option to “File order” as seen in the image. And you would already have your order hidden in a separate section.
hide orders on amazon pc

Now when someone looks at the list of your orders it won’t show up. Nevertheless, it is still accessible in the archived orders section.

How to see my hidden orders on Amazon?

The importance of hiding orders on Amazon so that no one else can see them if they pick up our phone or have access to our account is that re-login required. Therefore, make sure that your password is not stored on that device by default or change it if you do not want someone with whom you share your account to be able to see your archived orders.

To see your hidden orders on Amazon, you have to:

  1. Go to menu “My account” at the top right.
  2. Go down to the section “Place orders and purchase preferences” and select Archived Orders.
  3. Log back in and there you will have all your hidden orders.
view hidden orders amazon

If you want any of them to return to your list of visible orders, click on «Unarchive request«.

unarchive amazon order

Amazon Household: alternative to hide orders

All this is great, but to be honest, it may not be comfortable for your orders to be stored in the Archived Orders section since anyone who has your password can easily access them. Therefore, you have to know Amazon Household, a really useful alternative so that only you have access to all your orders.

Amazon Household is an option available within Amazon Prime that allows you to share your Prime benefits and digital content with one other adult and up to four teens and children. This means that both you and your partner can have your own separate Amazon accounts and order products that you want without having to use the same account.

You can also configure it so that your minor children cannot ask for anything without your consent, nor can they access your Orders. Christmas presents will be safe! To configure it, you just have to access Amazon Household and add your partner and your children following the simple interface that is shown as in the image.

Have you seen what a great idea for hide orders on amazon? Whether you use order archiving or Amazon Household, you can keep your ordered items safe so no one else can see them.

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