How to get an alert if someone is online on WhatsApp

Privacy is one of the most important aspects of apps like WhatsApp, which have the option to hide their status, profile or online photo that appears when a person is inside the application. However, for many users they want to have access to this information that is private.

The WhatsApp online can be modified by users so that they can decide if they want to show it or hide it from their contacts. One of the big disadvantages is that by hiding this option you lose the right to also see who is online. Nevertheless. In the event that you want to have a notification when someone is online on WhatsApp, you just have to continue reading this article.

What does the Online and Last time of WhatsApp mean?

If you are a regular user of WhatsApp you will have seen the Online and last time that appears at the top of the chat, just below the contact’s name. This is extra information that this application provides us when we enter the conversation with this person, but this may appear if the other person has it visible.

The Whatsapp online It refers to the fact that the user is inside the application, but it does not show if they are inside the conversation or if they are performing another action such as changing their settings, since the information is not revealed for any reason. This section is usually spoken in the background.

On the other hand, the WhatsApp last time It refers to the last time the person entered the application, but it does not indicate what they were doing, so this information is reserved and cannot be discovered for any reason. With the recent updates, the user has the possibility of placing this information private or public so that all his contacts can see it.

It should be mentioned that WhatsApp allows users around the world to hide your Online and Last time through the main settings of this application. The only thing is that by activating this configuration, you must give up the possibility of being able to see this information from your contacts.

Whatsapp is an instant messaging application that offers different security mechanisms and encrypted conversations, to give people better privacy and they can feel safe from its platform.

How can I get notified when someone is Online on WhatsApp?

In the event that you do not want to download third-party applications, the only way to see if someone is Online on WhatsApp is to do it manually, that is, by staying looking at their profile until Online appears. In this way you will avoid downloading applications that may contain viruses.

you just have to keep the chat open with this person on WhatsApp and it will come out when it enters the application, because the Online is reflected. Third-party applications may be contaminated so that they can damage your device or they can cause WhatsApp to delete all chats.

However, here we mention some of the applications that are used to notify when someone is Online from WhatsApp:

Applications that notify when someone is online on WhatsApp

  • whatzseen is an application that was developed precisely for this purpose, so its functions may be limited. This app allows notify us when a person is Online in WhatsApp, the first thing you should know is that it is not available in the Play Store, so you will have to use an APK library to download it.
  • whatslog: Online Tracker is an application that monitor selected profiles by the user so that it sends a signal when the person is Online in WhatsApp. One of its main advantages is that it allows monitoring in real time. In turn, to be able to download it you must have Android 4.1 or higher.
  • WazDog is an excellent application that notifies you when a person is Online on WhatsApp, but it is characterized by offering other functions such as parental control for those parents who want to have access to their children’s conversations or want them to stay out of trouble . This app is so useful that it makes it possible to monitor the users who have you blocked. One of the things is that WazDog is a paid application.
  • WonLog is an application that allows monitor your WhatsApp contacts, so that it notifies you in real time when the person is online. However, you should know that this app is not available in the Play Store library because it does not have the required regulations.
  • OnLogPlus what stands out about this APK is that they can notify you when a person is Online on WhatsApp without the need for you to enter the application, which is quite interesting when you want to go unnoticed in this app. Basically OnLog is in charge of monitoring 24 hours a day.

Steps to deactivate the last connection in WhatsApp

In the case that you do not want anyone to see the last connection of your WhatsAppyou can quickly deactivate it from the application settings and you can even say who can see your statuses in this instant messenger.

One of the great novelties of WhatsApp is that it indicated the exact time that a person last used the application, which was something new for other instant messaging platforms. However, over the years this app allowed many people to deactivate this option. If you want to carry out this action, you just have to follow the following instructions:

  • You must open the WhatsApp application and you will locate the three points that appear at the top of the top.
  • Pressing these points will display a small memory and you will locate the Settings option that is at the end.
  • After this, a new tab will open where we will locate the Privacy option.
  • In this new tab we will have several options to modify the time of the last time, online, profile photo, status, read confirmation and information.
  • In your case we only modified the last time so that you do not place anyone’s option.

By selecting the nobody option you will be indicating that no WhatsApp contact can see your last connection, which allows you to have greater privacy at the time you enter this application. Remember that you can modify this option as many times as you want and at any time, all you need is to have Internet on your cell phone.


WhatsApp is one of the instant messaging applications most used and popular in the world, since all people have it installed on their mobiles to talk or exchange information. This app has changed your privacy to offer you a better security to all usersso they feel safe while sharing information through your system.

Currently, you can receive notifications when a person is Online on WhatsApp Through third-party applications, since this option is not available from the application, the only way is to keep the conversation open and the application to know how many times the other person is Online.

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