How to freeze the last time on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging platforms in the world, it has even positioned itself as the most downloaded. It has been characterized by its security settings and innovation to facilitate remote communication.

If you are a user who wants privacy and does not show any data that indicates that you are connected or the time you entered WhatsApp, we have good news. You can freeze the last time on WhatsApp, thanks to the privacy settings. Just like you can change the date and time in Whatsapp.

Disabling the last time function is a very useful and effective setting so that your connections do not appear, but, your contacts will be able to notice that you have deactivated the “connection time”. Thus freeze last time connected it’s the solution.

You’ll still be able to use the app, but users will only see a default connection time. If you want know how to freeze the last time in whatsappwe invite you to continue reading.

What does “freeze last time” mean?

As we have mentioned, if you go to the privacy section in the WhatsApp settings you can configure who can see my personal information, be it the profile picture, status and last time. This setting just disables it, but that’s not the point of freezing.

If you want to make your partner, parents or friends believe that you disconnected a few hours ago while you continue chatting, you must learn to how to freeze last time on whatsapp. This way, everyone will think that the last time was 10 hours ago, while you are still online.

So freezing the last seen time means that all contacts who verify your personal information will see a paused timestamp. This way you will not raise suspicions, and you will keep a private option without deactivating this function. But how is this possible? we explain

How to freeze the last time on WhatsApp?

To achieve freeze the time of last time connected in whatsapp, third-party applications and extensions are required. Because the option is not available on the messaging platform.

freeze last connection app

You can download these applications from websites, they are generally APKs and files edited by other users to provide customization to WhatsApp. One of the disadvantages of these applications is that they do not have an official version and you can get confused with the updates.

Even so, users have stated that it is a great tool to freeze the last time. One of the most named applications is WhatsApp plus and GBWhatsApp who offer the best options to freeze the time.

So that you have a wide range of options, we present some alternatives to freeze the time of last connection:

APK GBWhatsApp

One of the applications that stands out the most is the GBWhatsApp APK, it has been characterized by its customization options, not only for the last connection time. Instead, add ringtones, backgrounds, and hide connection states.

This file with extension can freeze the last time of WhatsApp, making your contacts think that your last message was 8 hours ago, while you are still online. To download you just have to enter the name in the browser and choose the website that generates trust.

freeze last connection gbwhatsapp

Now, the steps to freeze the last time in WhatsApp are:

  • Access account settings
  • Select the privacy section
  • Tap and enable last seen
  • Choose “hide line status”

In this way you will have frozen the last time in your GBWhastApp account.

Hide for WhatsApp

A second application to be able to freeze WhatsApp’s last connection time is Hide For WhatsApp. This APK is characterized by the connections in stealth modeso that the contacts will not be able to know the connection time.

That is, in Hide for WhatsApp you hide each of the options such as: last time and “online” so that you can keep a private profile. The advantage of the APK is the hidden, responding to messages and seeing statuses without anyone knowing, that you have read or are connected.

Unlike other applications, this is only an extension for WhatsApp, not an app that simulates the messaging platform. Therefore, it is safe and efficient for users.


This third APK option to freeze last seen time on WhatsApp is one of the strongest. The purpose of the application is to freeze, stop or pause the view and connections on WhatsApp.

Among the features of this APK available on Android, the following stand out: chat with a friend without changing the last time connected, read and reply without being connected. So, Whatspause allows you to modify the last connection, so that it shows contacts an hour before.


The steps to configure Whatspause are as follows:

  • Download and install the APK
  • Activate Whatspause and set the last connection time
  • You will be able to chat with the connection time frozen
  • To return to the usual configuration, you just have to deactivate Whatspause.

This application is one of the most useful to be able to freeze the time of last time in whatsapp. In addition, it will show contacts a connection time that indicates that you have some time without being active, avoiding suspicion of your partner or family.

Ditch hide last time

One last proposal to freeze the WhatsApp connection time is Ditch, it is a free APK that can be downloaded freely. Allows you to disable the “online” status and hide “last time on WhatsApp”.

It is one of the easiest apps to run privacy options, Ditch just includes an on/off button to add stealth mode. In this way, it is the user himself who has control of the application to choose the configuration that he wants.

It is updated periodically, to correct errors and optimize the application so that it is fast and secure.

Is it worth freezing WhatsApp time?

If you want customization options, where contacts see a last connection time while you’re still connected or you only have a few minutes after closing the app, it’s worth freezing the connection.

The mentioned apps are safe and effective, but it is recommended to find a website to download with reviews and looks trustworthy to avoid files damaging the device. We hope that the information presented will be useful to you.

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