How to create links or direct links for your WhatsApp

One of the best and most efficient ways to market your small business is through social media. Because you have favorable options for communication with customers and displaying the products or services.

One of the platforms that makes it easy to grow a business is WhatsApp, because you have a surprising number of options to choose from, especially when it comes to communicating.

Therefore, on social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter you can add a direct link to your WhatsApp contact. But, how to create links or direct links for your WhatsAppin the following article we will teach you everything.

What is a direct link for your WhatsApp?

The links or direct links for your WhatsApp is a feature that allows you to start chatting with someone without having to add the user or have them in your contact book. It is a unique link that you can create by adding the phone number, it is usually added in social networks to speed up communication with customers.

Clicking on the link will take you to the WhatsApp platform from the browser so you can click on “start Chat”. Create direct links for chatr in the application is available on mobile devices and the web version of WhatsApp.

This link or WhatsApp link is unique to each brand, and is easy to recognize, this to gain the reliability of users. The chat button is available in green and white, you can customize its size when adding it to a website: small, medium and large.

Obtain links or direct links for your WhatsApp

So, getting the link to start a chat instantly on WhatsApp allows your business to improve communication between customers and agents, support or entrepreneurs. In this section we tell you the alternatives to create links or direct links for your WhatsApp.

Use to generate a WhatsApp link

A simple alternative to add on your social networks or websites a direct link to WhatsApp is to use This method is described within the functions of the instant messaging application.

It consists of using a formula to generate a link, start with “” and then add the phone number with the international format. That is, when entering the number, the country code must not be missing, likewise, avoid signs, symbols and characters.

It is a method that is described in the Chats section of the most frequently asked questions of WhatsApp.

The formula would be the following: You just have to add the phone number and place the link on your digital platforms to start the chat.

create link to whatsapp

Direct link to WhatsApp with message

Other options that the messaging application offers, is the creation of links or links with predetermined messages. Similar to the previous case, you must use the initials “” and add the phone number.

But what changes? In this method the formula varies to be able to add a message when starting a chat. Uses This would be the formula offered by WhatsApp to create a direct link with a message.

You may think it’s totally complicated, but it’s simple. Where it indicates “whatsappphonenumber” you must add the international telephone number, with the country code, but without hyphens or signs.

Now, “urlencodedtext” you are going to put the default URL-encoded text that customers or contacts will see when entering the direct link to WhatsApp. If you just want default text with no coding, use this formula to generate the link:

create link to whatsapp with text

Create direct WhatsApp links with postcron

If the formulas to create a link to WhatsApp are not your preferred choice, you can get a internet link generator. For the purposes of this post, we recommend using Postcron, it allows you to create personalized WhatsApp links with a defined message, ready to add to your social networks

To obtain the link or direct link for your WhatsApp with Postcron, you must follow these steps:

  1. Enter the website
  2. Click on “create your personal link”
  3. Enter your telephone number with the international standard, avoiding the use of zeros, hyphens and signs
  4. Proceed to write a personalized message to accompany the link
  5. Finally, Generate and copy the link

PostCron is responsible for speeding up the process of writing the link and that clients can continue to your chat in seconds. You can add other extra functions like shorten links or QR codes.

generate whatsapp link with postcron

Create links or direct links with WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business features allow the company to share its direct link on digital platforms, to start chats instantly. Have compatibility with the mobile and web version of WhatsApp.

By having a WhatsApp Business account you generates a direct link from the company, If you want to know how to share here some steps

  1. Enter WhatsApp Business touch the three points and select Tools for the company
  2. Then click on the Direct link to see the automatically generated link
  3. Once you have selected the link, you can perform the following actions:
  4. Click on the paperclip icon to copy the link
  5. Click on share to send the link to users and contacts within WhatsApp or other compatible applications
  6. Tap the pencil to edit and customize a message to accompany the link

This WhatsApp Business option is comfortable and useful for adding to social networks, avoiding the writing of links or external pages.

create link to whatsapp business

Insert the WhatsApp link in social networks

After you have created the direct links for your WhatsApp you can add it to social networks or create a WhatsApp button on your website. Each platform has a way to add the link.

In Instagram you must click on edit profile, then on contact options and select “WhatsApp Business phone number” A verification will be carried out and you will be able to link WhatsApp with the Instagram account. You can also edit the Instagram biography and in the “website” section paste the link.

On Facebook, from entering the web page settings to add a WhatsApp button and link the accounts. In addition, it will guide you to paste the generated link at the beginning of the Facebook page.

In this way, we hope that with these strategies you can create a link for WhatsApp and streamline communication with your customers.

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