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NET IPTV is an application that allows the user to view channels from anywhere in the world through computers, mobiles and Smart TV. Because it is an alternative that has been gaining much popularity, it is important to know how to configure NET IPTV depending on the type and model of television available.

It must be taken into account that the aforementioned application is not free, and its subscription has a price of € 5.79, however, it offers the user a period of 7 days free in order to be tested before.

NET IPTV for Windows

To be able to enjoy the NET IPTV application on a Windows computer, you have to help yourself with the use of one of the Android emulators, among which the most recognized are Bluestacks and Nox Player. To achieve this, the following steps must be followed:

Installation via BlueStacks

  • The first step is to install the Bluestacks emulator software on the computer.
  • After Bluestacks installed, NET IPTV APK file should be downloaded.
  • Then, you have to open the Bluestacks application already installed and in the toolbar located in the left corner, the option to Add APK. This file is loaded by employing the option in Bluestacks.
  • Information about where the downloaded APK was saved will be requested on the screen.
  • The application will then be automatically installed on Bluestacks. The NET IPTV can be found in the applications tab of the main window screen.
  • Now, it is possible to use NET IPTV on your computer.

Installation with the use of Nox Player

  • First, you must download the Nox Player application player, then click on the software to start the installation on your computer.
  • Now, you have to proceed with the download of the APK file.
  • Once installed, the Nox player opens and in the right corner of the toolbox, the option to Add APK which must be pressed.
  • Next, you have to select the APK from the downloaded location.
  • At this point, Nox will automatically install the application.
  • You will then be asked a question about changing your location from world to any particular location. you must choose the option Later.
  • In this way, it is already possible to use the application through some links from pre-existing websites that are integrated into the application.

NET IPTV configuration

After installing the application on the computer, to carry out the NET IPTV configuration, just follow these simple steps:

  • After having downloaded the application, you must proceed to start it and search within it for the Mac address.
  • Once the aforementioned Mac address is found, you have to copy it and go to the official website of the application NET IPTV.

How to configure NET IPTV

  • Within the page, you will be shown various sections.
  • In the first field that says Mac / App ID and Add list, the previously copied Mac address is pasted.
  • Next, you have to solve the captcha and then click on the option Add list.
  • Then, four fields will appear, and in the one that says URL 1, you must place the link of the M3U list that was obtained at the time of contracting the service.
  • The final step is to return to the NET IPTV application and proceed to reload the content.
  • From this moment on, you can enjoy the entire application service.


The procedure to install NET IPTV on a MacOS computer, consists of following the steps described below.

  • The first thing is to search the Mac store for an Android emulator, of which it is recommended Bluestacks , Genymotion or Nox Player.
  • After you have downloaded the emulator of your choice, you must go to the Downloads folder on your computer to locate the emulator.
  • Once you have found it, click on it to install the application or plugin on Mac computer.
  • Then, you must click on Next in order to accept the license agreement. You must follow the instructions on the screen to install the application correctly.
  • Now, open the installed simulator and type NET IPTV in the search bar and then press Look for. When it appears, press the Install button and your application will begin to download.
  • At this point an icon called All applications. It should be clicked and it will direct you to a page containing all installed applications. Once the icon is located, click on it and start using the application.

To carry out the configuration, follow the same procedure as for computers with Windows systems.

NET IPTV for Android

The process to install NET IPTV is much easier on Android than on other devices, because it is an application specially developed for this system and the necessary process is as follows:

  • The first thing is to download, for which you have to go to the device’s application store (Play Store), and look there for the name NET IPTV.
  • When the result appears, you just have to click on Install and later in To open.
  • When the application is open, you must proceed to find the Mac address.
  • When it is found, you have to copy it and go to the official website of the application.
  • Once inside it, some sections will be shown, where Upload M3U / URL appears, you must write the Mac address that was found.
  • Then, you have to solve the captcha and press on the option Add list.
  • At this point, four fields are presented, in the first one with the name URL 1, the link of the M3U list must be pasted.
  • Finally, you can return to the app, it is reloaded and it is now possible to use the application.


The process to install NET IPTV on iPhone or iPad devices is very similar to that of Android devices, what you must do is search the App Store for the name NET IPTV and when the result is obtained, click on install and then on the open option. Then continue with the configuration process, that is:

  • Find the Mac address within the application.
  • Then, the address is copied and you have to go to the official website of NET IPTV.
  • Upon entering the page, several sections will appear, in which Upload M3U / URL is displayed, you must enter the Mac address previously found.
  • Next, you need to fix the captcha and click on the function Add list.
  • Now four fields will be displayed, and in the first one with the name URL 1, the link of the M3U list is pasted.
  • Finally, it is possible to go back to the application and proceed with its recharge, in order to have the possibility of using the application.

NET IPTV for Samsung

The download and installation of NET IPTV on a Samsung TV, only requires having a USB and following the steps indicated below.

  • To download the application, you must enter the Net IPTV website through a computer and look for the download link there.

How to configure NET IPTV

  • Once the file has been downloaded, the WinRar file is decompressed in order to extract the folder.
  • After having the folder extracted, you have to open it.
  • Folder is searched User widget and is copied.
  • At this point, you have to go to the USB memory (Pendrive) that is connected.
  • Once inside the USB, the copied folder is pasted into it.
  • The pendrive is then ejected in order to connect it to the Samsung TV.
  • Now the Samsung TV opens and the installation widget will appear on standby.
  • Then you have to scroll to the TV applications.
  • Once the Net IPTV application is located, you must press the option To open.
  • Having entered, you must copy the Mac address of the TV and go to the web page again.
  • On the website you have to paste the address copied in the first section.
  • Finally, you can add the list you have, and it is now possible to enjoy the application.

Net IPTV for LG

The NET IPTV installation procedure on an LG TV is quite straightforward. Only the steps described below should be followed:

  • To download the application, you have to go to the application store of your television.
  • Here the name of the same is located, and when it has been located, it is selected.
  • When the installation finishes, press the option To accept.
  • When the application is open, the Mac address will appear at the bottom right, which must be copied.
  • Then, you must go to a search engine, in which you have to go to the NET IPTV website.
  • Then, in the Upload section, paste the previously copied Mac address into the Upload M3U / URL section.
  • Next, you must verify the captcha and click on Add list.
  • At this point, another interface will appear where you must place the link of the list that is available and then press the option Add list.
  • Finally, you just have to go back to the TV and reload the application, to be able to enjoy the service.

How to add lists in NET IPTV

To add lists in the NET IPTV application, you just have to make sure you comply with the steps in the following procedure:

  • You must enter the NET ITPV website. It does not matter that it is not from the same computer on which the application is running.

How to configure NET IPTV

  • Several sections will be displayed and you have to go to the one that says Upload M3U / URL.
  • At that point, you must paste the Mac address of the device where the application is installed.How to configure NET IPTV
  • Then, you have to confirm that you are not a bot by solving the Captcha.
  • Then the option is pressed Add list.
  • At this point you must insert the URL of the channel list in which you are interested in adding to NET IPTV. It is inserted and pressed Add list, in this way, several lists can be inserted in the same process.
  • At the end of the load, the message will appear Successfully Insert.
  • Finally, you have to go to the NET IPTV app, and you can check that the channels are ready for viewing.

Frequent questions

Does NET IPTV media player contain channels and where can I get a playlist?

No, the NET IPTV app does not contain any channels and no information is officially provided on where to get channels or channel packages. Also, application developers are not responsible for content uploaded to NET IPTV.

What to do if my Mac address changed after switching to a different connection type (Wifi / LAN)?

Each TV has two Mac addresses (the first is Wi-Fi, the second is Ethernet). A Mac address is automatically activated after switching to another connection type and restarting Net ipTV. The Mac address is unique for each TV and cannot be changed manually.

Why do I get “Try”, “Connection problem”, “Error”, “Streaming error” with a playlist on my device?

It is recommended to first try the Net ipTV sample list in the link netiptvTest.m3u. Then you have to make sure that everything works and that the codecs are compatible with your television.

Remember that all TV manufacturers and models are completely different and can support certain broadcast formats. It is also very important to get good internet performance for your device.

How do I upload my own M3U list?

To do this, you can proceed to upload your own and correct M3U list on the home page. It is necessary to check in advance if the M3U list is working.

How can I reset my password for my M3U list?

In order to reset your password, you must enter the home page, and in the FORGET / DELETE PASSWORD section. the correct Mac address must be entered.

What happens when the wrong M3U list is uploaded?

In the event that a list is loaded that is not running, the same application will be in charge of sending a warning message.


As can be seen, how to use the NET IPTV application is a very easy process to execute; what also happens with the process necessary for its proper installation. To carry out a correct configuration of the service, it is important to be very careful with strict compliance with the steps that were described in the article.

The NET IPTV application has the functionality of allowing users to add remote IPTV lists containing the channels of their choice.

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