How to clone your WhatsApp account on another phone in 2021


Many times we find ourselves in the situation of having to use our WhatsApp account on another mobile or tablet but we can’t because the application already recognizes that it is being used in one of them. That is why we wanted to analyze the main methods that currently exist to clone WhatsApp in the simplest way possible with and without third-party applications.

Stay until the end because we are going to show you some guides with the best apps to add extra functions to WhatsApp.

Is it possible to clone WhatsApp in 2021?

The answer is yes but you have to know the proper technique. Although you do not really need great knowledge of computers and technologies, it is true that you have to search in some way to be able to use your WhatsApp account on various devices.

In this guide we are going to tell you about different methods and tricks so that you can learn to clone WhatsApp as quickly as possible, being free at all times.

Clone WhatsApp without applications with WhatsApp Web

If you have not found out yet, it is possible to use the WhatsApp Web version from any browser so that we have access to all the functions of this messaging app without having to download the application on a second device.

To use WhatsApp Web, just go to the link that we leave you below.

go to whatsapp web

Now you just have to scan the QR code from the menu WhatsApp Settings > Linked Devices. The process is the same on both devices iOs What Android.

This process can be done from a second mobile, so that if you enter the link with that phone and scan it from the main one, you will have access to WhatsApp Web on the mobile device. It is the fastest and easiest way to clone WhatsApp without downloading third-party programs or applications.

qr for whatsapp web

The 3 best Apps to Clone WhatsApp

However, there are times that this is uncomfortable for us or that being able to access WhatsApp web on a second mobile does not work directly and therefore we will not be able to clone WhatsApp. For these cases, it is best to have a mobile application that allows us to use our account without problems.

Here you have our selection of the 3 best applications to clone WhatsApp.



As its name suggests, this app has been specifically designed to clone WhatsApp in the simplest way possible. Actually, we see that the operation is similar to the WhatsApp Web tactic. In this case, it seems to work fine on all devices.

The first step will be download WhatsClone for free on the second phone where we want to clone our account:

download WhatsClone

Once we have it installed, the we execute on the mobile and We enter a username, email and password.

Now it will show us again the QR code that we will have to scan from our main device and, automatically, we will have access to WhatsApp as if it were the Web version.

Clonapp Messenger

Clonapp Messenger

Even more simple and following the same technique, with Clonapp Messenger we can clone WhatsApp easily. The first thing is to download the app and install it on the mobile where we want to duplicate our account.

download clonapp messenger

On this occasion, nor we will need to register in the new app and we will have some extra functions like to be able to send messages to phone numbers that we do not have in our contact list.



Lastly, there are a number of options like Spyzie that not only allows us to clone WhatsApp but it is a very good tool to spy on someone else’s WhatsApp.

Although it may seem a bad thing, it can be useful to keep under control the conversations of our minor children and prevent them from contacting people they shouldn’t.

download spyzie

Its main functions include the power of calls made and received, contacts, track GPS location and much more. Its operation is really simple and you have two options: one free and one paid. In the case of free version, these options will be limited, but you can clone WhatsApp perfectly at no cost.

Other Mods and Applications to spy on WhatsApp

If you have taken a tour of our website, you will have seen that we have more and more tutorials and guides to get the most out of WhatsApp. One of our favorites are the ones that talk about himthe best mods for WhatsApp. These are applications that unofficially add extras to the messaging app.

Although, if you are curious about spying on WhatsApp, we will tell you the most effective methods you can use currently.

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