How to clear the cache on Android and why do it

When installing an application we must know that it does not always maintain the same storage on the device because little by little it goes taking up more space by your temporary files, which are generated by the use that we give to an app. For this reason, we can see how our memory is running out of space.

These residual files are the cache of applications and these have the function of making the app run faster, but they also serve to store not so important information such as search history, messages and among other things.

That is why it is recommended periodically clean files to free up space.

Why is it important to clear the cache on Android?

One of the main advantages of Clearing the Android cache is that it can free up storage for us, because all the temporary files that can be stored on our device are deleted. These residual files are loaded automatically as we use the applications, so it is inevitable to have these files on our mobile.

However, you should know that when you open again the application will again create temporary files on your device, which are necessary for its proper functioning. By giving the option of delete cache You should know that no important files will be deleted, only those that are temporary in the app.

In general, applications require these temporary files so they can function properly and so that it can open more quickly. The apps that tend to fill devices with more temporary files are Facebook and Chrome because they tend to store search history, passwords, messages, and other files.

It is recommended clear the cache weekly or every fortnightbecause the daily deletion of this information can cause the app to take several minutes to open, because you have to configure its functions again.

Previously in Android 9.0 you could clear cache of all apps without having to go one by one as is currently needed. However, with the Files app you can perform this process without having to manually go to each app. Android developers decided to remove this option because it was not necessary due to new mobile devices having large storage.

Clear the cache on Android through applications

The mobile devices have applications that allow clearing the cache of the apps without having to choose one by one. The apps are characterized by offering a deep cleaning system that removes residual files from all applications that you can have

The applications for residual files on Android stand out for having a small size, so that they take up less space and are usually apps that consume less storage memory. These are some of the apps to clean the cache quickly And simple:

Clear the cache with Files Google

Files Google is considered one of the most complete applications to delete junk files of Android devices. This is a must-have tool for low-end or high-end mobiles as it removes cache effectively.

The app developed by Google allows you to delete from duplicate files until reaching the residuals which are usually the ones that take up the most space on the devices. To clear the cache of applications you just have to follow these steps:

  • The first thing you are going to do is enter the Files Google application.
  • At the start of the application you will locate the option of unwanted files and below is Select and delete 320MB, you will press it.
  • This tab will show the applications that occupy the largest cache on your device, you have the option to select all or just some.
  • After this you will click on continue and that’s it when the process is complete, the application will notify you.

The good thing about Google Files is that you can dig into its interface and you can find options to remove duplicate photos, to remove photos saved by apps and among other alternatives that are useful to have a good storage. To make this process will only remove junk filesso the important information will be there.

You can download Google Files from the Play Store and its download is free. It currently has a rating of 4.6, which makes it one of the favorites for all users.

Google files
Google files

Clear Android cache with One Booster

The application You can get One Booster for free in the Play Store. This app stands out for deleting all the cache that can be stored in the applications that you have downloaded. In addition, it has a fairly simple design that allows you to get all its tools easily.

One Booster allows you can delete from residual files to those that are duplicated. In turn, you can enter its advanced tools and you can delete repeated photos. To clear the cache of your Android device with One Booster follow these steps:

  • The first thing you are going to do is enter the application.
  • On the home screen you will locate the option Delete Junk Filesin a new tab you must indicate the applications to which you want to eliminate the residual files and that’s it the cleaning process begins.

The cleaning process may take a few minutes depending on how many apps you have and the files hosted on your storage.

One Booster completely removes any residual files that has an application, so you can not even find this content in the recycle bin, because it is permanently deleted by the app, without leaving any trace.

Is app is great when you want to delete empty folders that your devices have, because it allows you to find and delete these documents. One Booster is also used as an antivirus because it has a tool that prevents our mobile from being vulnerable to malware.

One Booster: antivirus
One Booster: antivirus

Clear Android cache with Keep Clean

Like the previous applications Keep Clean is also used to remove the device’s cache, remove junk files and keep your device clean of unnecessary content. This app too It works as an antivirus because it examines the apps that you have downloaded from other platforms than the Play Store.

The interface presented by this app is simple, if you want clean the cache of your mobile you just have to follow these steps:

  • The first thing you are going to do is download Keep Clean and enter the application.
  • At the time of entering you have several options and you will select the Clean junk files.
  • After this, the application asks you to indicate the apps that you want to clear the cache (it is recommended to indicate all the applications).
  • After this, Keep Clean will begin the process and will tell you when it has finished, the process usually lasts a few minutes.

It is recommended do this once a week to prevent the device from slowing down when performing an action. Within Keep Clean you can get an option will notify you when you should clear your cacheTo activate it, just enter:

  • Settings menu (found in the three dots at the top).
  • You are going to click on the Settings option followed by notifications.
  • In notification you will check the Notify when the storage is full option, in this option you must select the amount you want and that’s it.

In this case the app notifies you when your device’s cache is full according to the parameter that you indicated, this process does not have a time determined, because it depends on the use you give to some applications. It is recommended to use not so high amounts, to avoid a long time before cleaning.

KeepClean: Cleaner, Antivirus
KeepClean: Cleaner, Antivirus

Clear Android cache with Nox Cleaner

The application of Nox Cleaner allows you to remove the Android cache and it has a special function that accelerates the speed of RAM, because it kills the apps that are in the background. Also, protect all your files to avoid information leakage.

In case you want clear Android cache with Nox Cleaner you must follow these steps:

  • The first thing you are going to do is download the Nox Cleaner application and enter.
  • Being inside the system, you will look for the option to Delete residual files.
  • In this section, the application will indicate the applications that will have their cache cleared, which you can uncheck by simply clicking on them.
  • By confirming the action, the application will begin to delete all the residual files of the apps.

Is application allows you to remove residual files, junk and even app settings. You can also use the deep cleaning tool that removes empty folders created by an app. Remember that the application of Nox Cleaner is free to download on the Play Store.

How to delete Chrome cache on Android?

The Chrome browser is one of the most used applications on Android, because through this we look for anything. For this reason, this app it usually fills up with residual files that make it slower or that many times it stays hung.

To delete chrome cache on android you must follow these steps:

  • The first thing you are going to do is open Chrome.
  • Being inside the application you will locate the three points that are after the search bar and you will select them. After this you will locate the History option.
  • Being inside the History tab you will locate the option to Clear browsing data.
  • Here you will select Image and file cache. Typically, this option shows how much storage these files are using.
  • In this option you must choose the range in which you want to delete all the information. You are going to select the All option, so that there are no files left.
  • Then you are going to touch Clear data and that’s it.

The Chrome cache clear process can take a few minutes depending on all the junk files and information you have stored. After this process is over, you can use the Chrome application again without problems.

Google Chrome: fast and secure
Google Chrome: fast and secure

Clear the cache of applications on Android

In Android deleting the cache of some applications can mean recovering valuable space of storage and can help make some applications smoother. All Android devices allow this option without having to download an app.

To clear cache of apps on android follow these steps:

  • The first thing you are going to do is enter the Settings application on your mobile.
  • Within the systems you will scroll until you find the Applications or Storage section followed by this you will give the Manage option so that all the apps can be loaded.
  • When loading all the apps you will select the one you want to delete all the residual files.
  • When selecting the app you will give the Storage option.
  • Then you will select the option Delete data And that’s it, all that information will be deleted.

This is usually a tedious process, because you have to go through each application in order to clear the cache. However, it is more efficient than using third-party applications, the only disadvantage is that the folders hosted by the apps will not be deleted, so you have to do it manually.

In this case you can clear the cache of all the applications you want because it is residual information that is being eliminated.

Advantages of clearing the Android cache

The advantages of clearing the cache in the applications of android devices They can be several, here we mention some:

  • You free up storage on your mobile device.
  • You delete unnecessary information that takes up space.
  • The applications have a better fluidity.
  • Empty folders that may take up space are removed.
  • Temporary files will be created that enable new features to applications.


Clearing the cache on Android is a simple and easy process that many users can perform to remove any unnecessary information on their mobile devices. To delete all junk files from your smartphone you can use applications from third parties that will make it easier for you to search for them.

For users who have quite limited internal storage clear cache on android It can be the solution, because they can free up space so that the apps continue to work correctly.

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