How to cancel an Amazon order and get a refund

Buying on Amazon is so easy that on some occasions we may be looking at a product and inadvertently give it a purchase. Or we directly regret having done it and want to cancel it. Well, in this guide you will learn to cancel an amazon order and get a refund whether you are using the web platform or the mobile app. And don’t leave without knowing how to download and print an Amazon invoice in 2022.

When an order is canceled on Amazon, do you get your money back?

This depends on several factors. In the case of having placed the order a few minutes ago (sometimes up to an hour), surely Amazon has not started processing it. As you are not charged until the order is shipped, you can cancel it without any problem and the purchase will not be directly charged to your bank account.

The thing changes when the request has started to process. You may try to cancel it and Amazon accepts it but the product is shipped. Even so, Amazon does not guarantee that it can be canceled. If it has been sent, it cannot be canceled. But always you can return it as you receive it. In that case, you will always receive a full refund of your purchase.

How to cancel an Amazon order that has not been shipped

If your order has not been shipped and is still being processed, normally can be canceled without problem. If Amazon has already put a hold on your card, it should go away after your order is successfully cancelled. The process for cancel an Amazon order that has not shipped from your computer It is very simple:

  1. in your account amazonChoose “Returns and Orders» at the top right, next to your profile name.
  2. Now, next to the order you just made, click «Cancel order«. Here you can state the reason for the cancellation although it is not mandatory. Confirm and you will have canceled your order.

To do it From the phone, you must access your profile (in the icon at the bottom of the screen), select «My orders» and then within the product you have purchased choose «Cancel order«. The rest of the steps are similar, being able to send the reasons for the cancellation (or not) and confirm the process.

How to get a refund for an Amazon order that has already been shipped

You already know that if it has not been shipped, Amazon will refund the money for your order. However, can I get a refund for an order that has already been shipped? Whether the item arrives damaged, you receive the wrong item, or you simply decide you don’t want your order when it arrives, in most cases you can return the items for a full refund.

  • To start, you have to go to the amazon order page on the web or in the Amazon application. Find the order you want to return and click «Return or replace items«.
cancel an amazon order and get a refund
  • Then you just have to state the reasons for the return and proceed to confirm it. Amazon shows you the maximum time you have to return the product and get a full refund on the right side before continuing.
cancel an amazon order and get a refund

Now you’ll have to choose the refund method. Choose “Continue» and follow the prompts to print a return label and complete the return process. Once this is done, you will have a window to return it for a full refund.

How long does it take to return the money on Amazon?

Normally, the time it takes for Amazon to return the money from a refund is 10 business days maximum. You can always track the status of the return from «My account» > “View return/refund status”.

The good thing is that cancel an amazon order and get a refund It is a relatively simple process that has a solution, although remember to hurry because in a certain time you will no longer be able to return it or get your money back.

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