How Omegle Works to Chat: Guide and Alternatives

Meeting people can be easy, or not. If you want a way to interact with strangers, make friends, and socialize with users from all over the world, you should check out Omegle.

With Omegle you will have a new way to make friends online, it also has functions for students, to chat anonymously and free. A platform with multiple benefits, from a free platform without the need to register, to ease of use.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Omegle platform reached a tipping point and a large number of users popularized this tool. If you want to join this wave, follow this tutorial to learn how Omegle works to chat.

What is Omegle?

Omegle is a web platform created in 2009, although initially it was not so popular, it has reached the first places in the apps and websites to meet people. It stands out for its random function to connect and interact with users from all over the world.

After a decade on the internet, it has generated new functionalities and features to have a better user experience. It has also formalized rules and options for privacy and security.

omegle is one very simple, free and fun platform to chat or make meetings on webcam. It does not have resources or advanced buttons, this being its differentiating feature: the simplicity to interact.

Now, surely you are still wondering, what do I need to enter Omegle? How to start a chat? Among other questions. We present a small guide to access a chat and know the functions of Omegle.

Guide to learn how to use Omegle

Learning how Omegle works is very simple, You do not need extensive computer skills. You only require internet access and follow a few steps. But calm down! We explain what you should do.

As has been mentioned, Omegle works by allowing communication by chat or video with strangers. That is, you enter a special room with another user to start a conversation, it has options to skip the user or leave.

1. Enter a chat

By entering the website of omegle, You will find the home page where the functions of the platform are detailed. You scroll down until you find the chat start options.

You can choose between “start chatting” by message or video, also, enter the topic that interests you to start meeting people. This is a filter to present you with people in a random order according to your preferences.

In this way, you will enter a chat on Omegle. Video chats will be monitored by the platform to avoid vulgar behavior.

2. Policies and chat options

Before starting a video or chat with any user on the platform, you must agree to the Omegle usage policy. In which 2 important points are established:

  • The first is the regulations and guidelines for chat
  • The second is the age restrictions, in which they state that you must be over 18 or 13 years old to be able to use this web service.

Once you have selected confirm and continue, you will be directed to a chat room. You will be prompted to give Omegle access to your camera and microphone.

In the chat interface you will see 4 functions:

  • newchat: To randomly start a conversation with a user, you can change the text or keyword or adjust to an unmoderated section.
  • new/stop: you can switch to the user you are talking to with these buttons, stopping the chat and generating a new one
  • Send: While in a video chat, you can use the keyboard to communicate by messaging. By clicking send/enter, you will follow the conversation through two channels. This is an important feature when the user has a camera, but no audio.
  • yeschoose language and share: These last 2 functions can be seen in the upper left corner. They are used to modify the language or share your experience on Twitter or Facebook.

3. Enter the chat for students

Another feature of Omegle is the chat for students with institutional email, it is an option for university students. In the Omegle login options you will see an inscription with the title “chat for students” where you must add the email address with terminal .edu.

You will receive an email to verify the account and use the functions for students, where they can create chats with members of that university.

4. Chat spy mode

On the other hand, if you want to enter a chat just to listen to others talking about a certain topic, you can do it with the omegle spy function or mode. How this mode works on the platform.

On the home screen of the platform, specifically in the lower right corner, you can select “spy mode (question). In which you will be directed to a room with 2 participants who discuss a topic of interest to you.

5. Adult Chat

Previously, the ages were mentioned to be greater than 18 or 13 years. Well, for normal chat, minors under 18 years of age can enter, which maintains vigilance and avoids explicit scenes.

But there is an Omegle function for adults or chat without moderation, to have chat with erotic or sexual content. It may contain pornographic or sensitive material.

Is it easy to use Omegle?

If you have doubts about the simplicity of Omegle, we will explain the characteristics of its interface. For some, it is similar to an application developed in the 90s. This is due to the simple presentation, with very close buttons and unattractive visual actions.

Omegle is easy to use because does not have advanced and rigorous functionsactually has very few settings. Therefore, it is not complex to use the platform.

But as we have mentioned, simplicity and ease of use is the defining element of Omegle. Making it a different service from the rest, but fun. You can enter from the mobile or from the computer accessing from the browser.

Is it dangerous to use Omegle?

Not everything is good the platform has major disadvantages, especially in the presentation of pornographic material in their video chats. Causing a great controversy before this platform and prohibiting children or minors.

There are users with bad intentions, who take advantage, are grotesque, insult, threaten, scare, among other aspects. Caution is required and avoid giving private data when using Omegle.

Alternatives to Omegle

If you think that omegle is not for you, Get to know these three alternatives to Omeglewhich have been the most popular among users.

1. ChatRoulette

An alternative to Omegle is ChatRoulette which allows video chats or messaging with other users. The platform dynamics is similar to Russian roulette, that is, if you don’t like the user, you can kill the conversation.

Integrate keywords to search for users based on filters, a great platform for those who want to meet new people.

2.Meet Me

Chatting with people with similar thoughts and ideas is an advantage, in Meetme you can achieve this. It is an application for mobiles or laptops where you meet strangers who share common interests.


One last alternative to Omegle, is TinyChat, a web platform to be able to converse by audio, video or text with other users from anywhere in the world. It is characterized by hosting more than 12 conversations in the same chat room.

This has been our tutorial for learn how omegle worksin addition to presenting alternatives in case the platform does not favor you.

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