How do I know who visits my WhatsApp profile?


On more than one occasion I have been curious to know who visits my WhatsApp profile and I am sure that the same thing happens to more than one follower of our website. Having proof of who visits our states and accesses our data is something that arouses the curiosity of many people.

The application of WhatsApp, in addition to being the most used messaging app in the world, it stands out for its different updates around the security and protection of our data (both positive and negative). However, you can always use a few tricks to find out these kinds of things.

I’m going to show you a clear example of how can I know who visits my WhatsApp profile with a simple trick, although we will also propose an application from the web that is giving very good results and that you can download for free from here.

The trick to know who visits my WhatsApp profile

Thinking about it, you can find some tricks in this app, such as being able to send a message to a number that we do not have added in our contact list. We already know that, in the case of knowing who sees our profile, it is not an easy task.

In fact, we must give it some thought and keep in mind the available options to see who visits our account. Well, the trick to find out we have neither more nor less than in the WhatsApp statuses.

It is the section par excellence that can provide us with information about who has seen the content that we have published in the State, be it video, photo or text. It is as simple as going to the State in question that you have uploaded for the last time and click on the eye symbol.

It is true that it is not an infallible method, but it can give us ideas to intuit who could be following what we publish.

Why is it not showing who has seen my WhatsApp statuses?

This is one of the questions that may arise the most and it has a lot to do with our activated privacy options. If you have the read confirmation disabled with blue check, you will not be able to see who in particular has seen your States, so if you want to have this information you must activate it from the menu of settings > Privacy > Read receipts.

activate view messages

Even so, we have also told you how to know who visits our profile in hidden mode.

The best App to know who visits my WhatsApp profile

In addition to this little trick, there are applications for Android that can tell us exactly who visits my WhatsApp profile. One of the most used and that you can download below is Whats Tracker.

Whats Tracker

Whats Tracker

It is possibly the most reliable application when it comes to finding out who sees our profile on WhatsApp. It has good ratings on Google Play and works in a way that you will have to exchange coins to know this information. One of the free ways to get them is by leaving good reviews of the app. Although it is not the best method, it can be useful for certain times.

Download free on google play

Another final recommendation: the best mods for WhatsApp

Have the best WhatsApp mods like WhatsApp Plus or the updated WhatsApp Mix It is a great option to add more options to the messaging app. Remember to have the option to install apps of unknown origin enabled on your phone in order to install them.

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