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Since the appearance of the second generation of the novel Amazon Fire TV Stick there are more than 4000 programs available to download and enjoy on your smartTV. In addition to the platforms that it brings by default, you can download games, watch television programs, movies, sports, and see the latest news … That is why we will make a list of the best apps for your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The Fire TV Stick turns your smartTV into an entertainment center, and the installation is very simple, you just connect to the HDMI input of the TV and through a USB cable to the current, you connect to the internet and it is ready to use, Now, it remains to download the apps for the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Best Apps for Amazon Fire TV Stick 2021

Some are official and others are not, so you may have to have a VPN depending on your country to enjoy all their services. We have categorized all of them according to the type of content they offer and we are sure that in the end you will end up installing a lot of them.

FILM and SERIES applications

The best free alternatives to Netflix in the form of an application to install on your Amazon Fire TV Stick.


This deserves to be the first application on our list because it has come with the goal of being the free replacement for Netflix or HBO among others. Indeed, it is a streaming content player that works through live IPTV channels. It’s free and open source, another reason why the first one deserves to be mentioned. If you want to know more, we invite you to read our guide on the best applications to watch free paid channels, including Kodi.


Another free app for your Amazon Fire TV Stick is PlutoTV. Surely you have heard of this wonderful application that has more than 250 free channels among which, for example, Hulu content. Downloading it is totally free too.

CyberFlix TV

Another application to watch content online for free on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, with an option for subtitles and the ability to get more links in HD and 3D.


One of the main advantages is that it works, like the previous one, with Real-Debrid and to obtain streaming content in high quality. The best of all, in this case, is that you will not see ads even if the application is completely free.


CatMouse also does not show ads in any of its series and movies. The interface is quite reminiscent of the already closed Terrarium TV

Bee TV

Although it has only been in the market for applications for the Amazon Fire TV Stick for a short time, it has become very popular among fans of streaming movies and series. In your case you can also integrate Real-Debrid


If what you want is an application like a real television channel full of categories to watch free content on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, it is undoubtedly one of the best. The latest movies are available although their main disadvantage is not being able to enjoy them in HD.

Cinema HD

Finally, although less popular, you have this great application to watch movies and TV shows, especially American ones, from the comfort of your home and totally free.


How many times have you wanted to see the great game of the week or the most anticipated race but they have been broadcast through pay channels? Well, with these applications for Amazon Fire TV Stick you can enjoy them for free.

What is Acestream?

Live Lounge

Without a doubt the best free application for sports lovers. Among the available channels, you can watch BT Sports, Sky Sports and Eurosport. Access all sports content through the World IPTV menu. You can also watch HD movies without leaving the application.

Free Crack

In this case we are talking about an application specifically dedicated to sports. In Free Crack you can watch online and for free all the sports matches and broadcasts that take place around the world.

WX TV Sports

Very similar to the previous one, which is only dedicated to sports content, we find this evolution of Woxi TV Sport. In this APK for Amazon Fire TV Stick you can enjoy sporting events from Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Colombia, Brazil and many other places.

Live NetTV

The Live NetTV application is specially designed for those who want to enjoy their favorite TV shows and movies live. Content can be streamed in standard definition and HD. Available for Android devices and also for those that are integrated into the Amazon Fire TV Stick.


At TecnoGuía we have already talked on several occasions about IPTV content that, in addition, can be played through your TV with Amazon Fire TV Stick. The truth is that among all the applications to play them, the best AceStream channels are a simple and easy solution to enjoy sporting events for free.


On many occasions we are traveling or have moved to another country and we want to be up to date with the news that is broadcast on the main channels of our country. Although you can use one of the best free VPNs to watch news, there are also some apps that work on the Amazon Fire TV Stick to watch them.



With this application you can see news but not live. That is, you will have to wait for them to be hung in the application. Without a doubt, the best thing is that it is free and the contents are usually updated daily. You can see both local and international news.

TD Ameritrade

In the event that you are a business magician and you are looking for an application to keep up to date with all the information related to the stock market, the economy and both national and international trade, this is a very good option within the free ones.

Sky News

An application that you can get directly from the Amazon App Store and with which you can follow live news, read articles and watch entertainment content from the FireStick. Again, a simple and easy to use application highly recommended.


Although you probably already have them installed, we want to mention the three main applications that you can have on your Amazon Fire TV Stick to listen to music, watch video clips or even watch live broadcast content related to music.



YouTube doesn’t need any introduction. As it usually happens in all operating systems, it comes integrated and with the possibility of downloading it to enjoy video content totally free. It is true that if you are not subscribed to YouTube Music you will have to see advertising, but it does not mean that it is the largest video platform in the world.


The fashion social network through which we can follow the live streams of our favorite streamers. Many of them are DJs or professionals in the world of music who broadcast their sessions to thousands of people. This is why we consider Twitch as one of the best music apps for your FireStick device.


Finally, Spotify also has its version for Amazon Fire TV Stick, which is free with advertising content. All artists worldwide publish their latest songs on this platform and having them also available on your TV can be very helpful to accompany a dinner, a party with friends or any celebration.

Free GAMES for Amazon Fire TV Stick

Did you know that you can also play games with your Amazon Fire TV Stick? It is true that the best ones or those with higher quality graphics are usually paid. But you have some totally free games available to have a good time on your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Free GAMES for Amazon FireStick

Stranger Things: The Game

If you are a fan of the protagonists of the world famous Netflix series, now you can download the Stranger Things game for free for your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Explore all the places and solve the puzzles that are proposed according to the abilities of each character. This way you will be able to move around the city obtaining useful objects to achieve your objective.

Solitaire Android

If you are alone at home and you want to play something without leaving the sofa, you can have an entertaining time playing classic solitaire. You can play with the normal 52-card deck and stack the cards of the same suit. It has no more mystery.


Another free game is Badland. You will have to fly next to a creature while passing obstacles that appear. Don’t get killed! If you like to play alone, you have more than 100 levels, although it also has a multiplayer mode of more than 30 levels.

Tic Tac Toe

The classic 3 in a row game that has so conquered several Spanish generations, now for your Amazon Fire TV Stick. You have the option of playing two people on the same device or you can play against the machine running at full capacity with Artificial Intelligence.

Switchy road

To finish our list of games and apps, we have Switchy Road. To spend hours and hours in front of your television, you will have to follow the path as it unravels where you pass. You will have to choose the way to pass between the different arches and overcome the difficulty that will increase along the way.

How to install apps on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

When installing applications we must bear in mind if it is one from Amazon’s own App Store or, on the contrary, we want to install it from another website or our own USB.

To install them directly from our FireStick we must access Amazon App Store and search among the different categories that we have at our fingertips. There are thousands of them, many free and others paid, to enjoy the maximum performance of your device.

If instead you want to install Off-Store APK, you must first configure the device to allow you to download third-party apps.

  • To do this, go to Setting, seeks My Fire TV and enables the Developer options. Once you’re inside enable the two options that appear.

The next thing you should do from the Amazon App Store is download a download app. For instance, Downloader or ES File Explorer They are the most used and the ones that give the best results. With these you can search for the APKs by inserting the links and download them to view the contents on the FireStick.


All these applications share an excellent feature … They are completely free and available online! Also remember that many of them are downloaded from sites not unknown to your FireStick, however, it is advisable to verify the download source very well and if you are not completely sure, refrain from downloading the applications from an unverified site.

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