DroidJack 2021: How to Hack Any Android Phone


DroidJack is the name of a program capable of introducing a RAT Trojan for Android, thus being able to take control of mobile devices with this operating system.

Once infected, you will be able to have a simple graphical interface with which to view and manipulate its characteristics (read SMS, view calls, access files, access apps, activate the microphone or cameras, get location, etc.). And it does it for devices that are both on the LAN itself and on the WAN.

From this blog we are not responsible for the misuse of this app. We only show its use for educational purposes, as attacking third-party mobile devices is a crime.

In order to get started, you only need to have a team with Microsoft Windows, download DroidJack (it does not need installation once you unzip, it is a .jar that you can run by double clicking), be connected to the network and have two dependencies installed on your system: Microsoft .NET and Java. With that you will have everything to start.

It may not work in certain cases as you need to Android is 4.4 or higher, it does not support certain countries, to do certain operations you need to be rooted, etc.

How to Hack Android Mobile with DroidJack

For start using DroidJack, You can be guided by this video that I have included, and take as a complement the steps described in the text that I detail below, in case you get lost at some point in the video:

download droidjack

Once the package is downloaded, unzipped and executed, go to the next step.

Configure DroidJack

  1. Now the DroidJack app opens with all the tools to work with.
  2. Fill in the following information:
    • App Name: you can put whatever you want, it is not important.
    • File Name: also put the one you prefer.
    • Dynamic DNS: here it is important that you put your IP, for that you can open CMD in Windows and execute the command ipconfig. An IPv4 Address field will be displayed, copy and paste that IP in this field.
    • Port Number: 1337

configure droidjack

Now press Generate and the Trojan will be generated in the same folder where the jar was. It will be a file with the name you put in File Name and with an .apk extension.

Configuration of Ports to receive the information

Now you must open the ports so that you have communication, if they are not open. For that you can use both the Windows network administrator and the firewall software or security suite that you have installed.

  1. In the first case, which is the most generic, you have to go to Control Panel > Security > Windows firewall > Advanced configuration > Entry Rules > New Rule > port.
  2. There add the ports 1334 and 1337 that must be TCP and UDP. Accept and exit.


The apk generated is the Trojan that should infect the victim device. Therefore, you should have access to the phone or have the user pick up and install it (if you trust it and have the option of unknown sources active). This is essential, since without the infection the other steps will be useless …

Send the Trojan to the victim

Now comes the time to send our creation to the Android mobile that we want to spy on. For it:

  1. From DroidJack you go to the Devices section and there put the port 1337 in Port. Then click Reception so you start listening.

If the victim installed the apk with the Trojan, clicking the Button will open a session with the computer. Now the device will appear in the Devices list and you will be able to have control over it, do whatever you want … You just have to click on the device in the list with the right button and a menu is displayed so that you can select the option you want: spy on your files, see your camera, listen on the microphone, use your apps, access your contacts, etc.

droidjack camera

In fact, it is also possible to access your camera to spy on everything you do.

Other apps to spy:

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