Does Amazon deliver orders on Sundays?

The global internet shopping giant has earned its reputation for offering a product catalog and incredibly extensive and comprehensive services for everyone’s needs and tastes. We clearly mean Amazon.

It is for this reason that the company led by tycoon Jeff Bezos has established itself in a vast number of countries as the preferred option to carry out online shopping. Both in the USA and in Europe and some Latin American countries, Amazon is widely known and used for its good delivery service.

But –because there can never be a but-, this multimillion-dollar company had an obstacle that, although for most it was insignificant, for others it was notorious and annoying: no receive your orders on Sundays.

Sunday deliveries: possible? Yes; Feasible? Not that much

The answer, right off the bat, is yes. Indeed the Amazon delivery service includes the last day of the weekend. But, the truth is that this is tied to a set of variables and technicalities. So we cannot guarantee that we will receive our order on a Sunday.

We are going to know a little about these technicalities – of which very little is known – to try to reach a conclusion as to whether in fact Amazon delivers on Sundays or not.

Premium Shipping

This guarantees us have our order in a maximum of two days. Regardless of whether it is the weekend or not.

According to Amazon official page “On the product details page the deadline date and time to place the order with this shipping option will be shown and it will be delivered the next day. From a certain time, towards the end of the day, we will offer you Premium Shipping but with a guaranteed delivery date of two days (…). The delivery hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday depending on the delivery route. Too deliveries are made on Saturdays and Sundays in some regions ”.

As expected, Premium shipping has an additional cost of about 5 Euros for shipping at collection points and 6 Euros for shipping addresses. Likewise, the clients of Amazon prime they enjoy this benefit for free. But, as Amazon says, this is under certain circumstances of time, areas and products to be shipped. The cost may also vary depending on the latter.

Amazon prime

Customers who are part of Amazon Prime have the benefit of free premium shipping. So this guarantees them, even more, to receive orders from Amazon on Sundays.

Although these apply to a large extent for household products of regular or small size, as well as objects of the Amazon brand. Since these are what are usually kept in warehouses. So ordering orders with these characteristics gives you many more guarantees that you will receive your product on Sunday.

Who delivers my order?

Amazon for some time decided to have a contract with the USPS, which is why one of the most reliable and prestigious services in terms of quality and responsibility in the United States is the one it usually does shipping on weekends.

Amazon delivers orders on Sundays

But, as a curious fact, in various forums and comments it has been said that approximately only half of the Orders placed at the end of the week arrive on Sundays. And those that do reach the hands of their buyers are usually light products, not large and easy to transport. Just as they ensure that the time the order is placed influences: the earlier you do it, the better.

Of course, Amazon It also hires independent distributors to cover its entire delivery demand. In Europe, for example, the services sub-contracted by Amazon are in charge of delivering orders, even on Sundays.

Vacation and pandemic deliveries

Another important point to mention is that, during the holidays, delivery services, especially Amazon, are quite overloaded. But, this is something that Jeff Bezos knows. Therefore, your company redoubles its efforts in this section to make it even more efficient. If we order something, under the parameters that we already know, in summer it is quite likely that we will receive it even on a Sunday.

Lastly, Amazon cares about the health of its customers as well as its employees. This is why, during the quarantine, he has employed a delivery service a little different than usual, at least in Europe.

Deliveries will no longer be made to the customer’s hand, nor will the delivery man ring the bell or the buyer’s door. You will simply leave the order at the entrance of the house, residence, building or apartment. Although this has had its complaints about theft (at least in Spain) Amazon claims that most deliveries are successful. And they also work to replace the product in case of theft.


Then yes, Amazon delivers orders on Sundays. But, the truth is that these are not 100% reliable as they usually are the rest of the week.

Therefore, from here, our recommendation is that you do not wait until the last minute to make your purchase if you want it for Sunday or before; and if you do, if you can, try to do it with the Premium shipping.

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