Can you remove an Amazon order from your history?

On some occasions when buying an order by amazon we want this not to appear in our history for many reasons. However, this option to delete that order from your history is not available, but you can hide it or rather archive it so that no one else sees it.

Although you will not delete it from your history amazon You will be able to archive it, which will allow no one else to see it unless you want to show it.

Can an Amazon order be removed from your history?

The answer is very simple, you cannot completely delete an order from your history. amazon. Until now, this platform does not have the option to delete or delete the purchase history.

The only alternative that currently exists is to file a request for Amazon, This option allows an order not to be visible in the main history since it is kept hidden. However, when an order is archived it is still linked to the account where the order was placed, which means that it is not deleted, it is just not viable.

When archiving an order, it can be viewed by entering the Archived Order option through the web version of this Amazon platform. This option cannot be accessed from mobile devices, because it is only available in these more complete versions.

Users should note that if someone knows how Amazon’s archived orders work, they will be able to find the ones you’ve chosen to hide. Which leaves the conclusion that the file is not a safe option, because anyone with knowledge can access these orders that you had hidden on the platform.

Other alternatives present within this platform is that people deactivate their Amazon account, which means that you must make a new account. But in many cases when you re-link your account it may have the orders from the previous account.

This order record amazon It serves as a security mechanism that allows control of orders and things that this user has acquired, to avoid inconveniences with customers. That is why we recommend you not to buy confidential things from the main account, so that there is no record of this.

The most appropriate thing is that you have two accounts of amazon one that is the main one and another more personal, so that you can make these purchases. Remember that this platform allows users to have several accounts in their name without any problem.

Steps to hide Amazon orders from the Web platform

One of the things you should know is that to perform the action of archiving orders in amazon you must be in the web version from a mobile device or computer. This option is not available for the different versions of the company’s applications, since it is a complex alternative.

The first thing you should do is open the platform amazon from any browser of your choice, because this website is compatible with different search engines. Then you must log in with your username and password, when you enter it will be located in the right corner of the page, so you can enter the Returns and orders option.

By displaying this option you will see a list of all the orders you have made on Amazon with the account you entered. In this part you must look for the order that you are going to file to click on it and all information about this order will be displayed, in which you will have the date and description of what you have ordered.

But at the bottom you will have an option to Archive Order, which is where we will click on it. Usually this is a box located in the left corner that is colored blue, so that it is more noticeable for some users.

By clicking on this option to file an order for amazon this same platform will ask you to confirm this action, here you only have to click on the box that allows you to confirm this action. After hitting this popup tab the order will be hidden from your order history, so you won’t see it in this main tab anymore.

All users must bear in mind that the web platform of amazon allows you to archive up to 500 orders, so that’s a lot of content to hide from your history.

How can I find hidden orders on Amazon?

To reveal hidden or filed orders in Amazon, The first thing you should do is open the platform of this company from your favorite browser, remember that it must be from the web. Then login to the system with your username and password.

When you are inside your profile, you must go to the Account and Lists tab or in English, which would be Account & Lists. This option is located in the top navigation bar, which is next to the platform location and language.

You must click on this option, so that a small pop-up menu can be displayed with several options where you are going to locate the Account, so that you click on it and then you will click on the Archived Orders option again. This option always comes out as archived or archive, it never appears with the synonym of hidden.

When scrolling this archived orders tab, you must locate and select the order that you want to leave hidden on this platform. To do this you just have to click on the Unarchive order section that is below the information of this purchase.

After following these instructions you will see how the order will appear in the Amazon history again. This will continue to appear chronologically, so they do not alter the order sequence.

Questions of interest about Amazon

Subscriptions on Amazon have a cost

platform amazon It does not have a subscription charge, it only charges what you buy within its online store. Those used only pay for the product and the shipping costs, otherwise they do not have any type of extra charge for this platform.

Likewise, users must not make any type of payment when registering on this platform because registration does not have a cost. By logging into this platform you will have access to all the products offered by this virtual store without having to cancel.

One of the great advantages of amazon is that it allows you to see and buy products from the comfort of your home, plus you can see their specifications without having to move from your home. In turn, on this platform you can compare prices so that you have an idea of ​​what you are investing your money in.

However, the platform amazon It has a premium subscription that includes a series of additional services such as access to music, ebooks that include series and movies from its Amazon Prime Video platform.

Do all products have a charge for shipping?

platform amazon charges for shipping, but this depends. This may depend on the seller, the service and the product that the user wishes to purchase. This means that everyone has the same expenses, which may depend on whether you are a Premium customer, you should also take into consideration that this store has many products.

By saying that amazon is a great virtual store is because many of its products are sold and shipped by the same company, but there are others that are sold by other external vendors of the company, which make life on this platform with the so-called virtual commerce.

These are the factors on which it will depend on whether the product you buy in amazon have any extra charge for shipping. However, one of the benefits of being a premium member is that you can purchase any product for free, although this company has a list where it mentions what these products are.

Alternatives to pay on Amazon?

Because it is a fairly used virtual store, amazon makes it possible for users to cancel their products under different modalities. We can add these payment methods to the account so that it is always the cancellation mechanism.

Many users have complained, because this platform of amazon does not offer a PayPal payment mechanism, which makes a bit of noise among people, as it is a fairly efficient. However, there are other options like:

  • Debit.
  • Visa.
  • Visa Electron 4B.
  • Euro6000.
  • MasterCard.
  • American Express.
  • International Master.
  • SEPA bank account.
  • Pay in 4 with Cofidis.
  • Credit Line with Cofidis.

However, the platform itself amazon It has a four installment payment system, this is an alternative widely used among people to offer better financing of products.

What is an Amazon four installment payment?

Payment in four installments amazon It is an agreement with Cofidis, which allowed users to finance purchases worth 700 dollars and up to a thousand dollars per product for three months and without any interest.

This payment system does not have any type of interest, but it does charge a commission of 2.50% of the opening or that is equivalent to the total purchase. This is rather a security tool to establish that the user will be able to cancel these over time.

We can leave as an example, if a smart cell phone costs 200 euros in amazon and you buy it with the four-installment mechanism, the opening commission will have a fixed value or rate of 6.5 euros. This charge will be fixedly anchored to the sum or amount of financing, which indicates that the 4 installments to be paid are taken into account.


The first thing you should know is that you do not need to be a client amazon premium to make purchases in this virtual store, but we recommend it if you are going to use Amazon shopping services frequently.

This subscription to amazon premium has a monthly or annual cancellation, depending on what the user selects, this is a great advantage for those people who want to have a prime subscription for much longer.

Advantages of being part of Amazon Premium

As we mentioned before the subscriptions of amazon Premium it has certain benefits that are not the same for normal accounts. Some of its advantages are:

  • It offers a streaming platform as it is Amazon Prime Video where you can watch series and movies. In addition, many of these are usually exclusive to this company.
  • Users will have access to amazon photos unlimited, so they can save all the images they want. This service is free, so there will be no additional cost for it.
  • Free one-day shipping with the possibility of choosing from the more than two million products available in its catalogue.
  • Prime Reading which will allow you to read more than hundreds of eBooks that are available within its platform.
  • Amazon Prime Now which guarantees that your purchases arrive in less than two hours to the selected cities and countries. The cities of Spain are Barcelona, ​​Madrid and their surroundings. This does not have any extra cost to use this function.
  • amazon Family with 15% discount on products such as: diapers, bottles, baby clothes and among other products in this category.

These are some of the benefits of accounts Amazon Prime, which you can enjoy from the first moment you subscribe to this plan. In turn, users will have unlimited access to Amazon Music.


amazon It is known as one of the largest virtual stores in the world, which has different products and services that you can purchase from the comfort of your home. Online purchases through this platform have become so frequent and popular among the Spanish community for offering better security in their shipments.

In turn, this online shopping platform amazon offers an order history mechanism, which allows users to view the number of purchases they have made. However, this web page offers the mechanism to hide or archive this history, so that no one can observe it.