Best apps to save money

Due to the crisis that has occurred in recent times, the tendency is to consolidate saving habits. To achieve the objectives, one of the tools that can help is the mobile. Through the money saving apps you can get offers, control your expenses and receive some services for free. They allow money to be saved in different areas.

These applications can help you achieve certain goals, making saving much easier and understanding the mechanisms that come into play to save money.

Money Saving Apps

Some of the best money saving apps are as follows:


It is a very visual application, which will help you to establish some saving guidelines with money. You can enter the expenses to be made and the income you receive manually, in one of the different categories, and thus control everything related to the flow of money. It has the advantage that you can see at once, in a totally graphical way, the money you are spending and the money that comes in for any reason. It allows you to plan your expenses, receiving alerts and applying limits to expenses.

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This application helps you understand the status of your accounts and your finances. This is the best way to control how much you have and what your level of expenses is. It is an application that is free for both Android and iOS. This application synchronizes with the information related to your cards and accounts, and classifies your expenses according to their category.

It also provides information on the expiration of insurance, duplicate movements or when you receive a payment. You can set spending limits in certain categories, in order not to go over budget. It is a very easy to use application and to be able to monitor expenses in a simple way.

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This is one application that is very easy to handle and very useful. It is based on organizing different savings plans, without being associated with the bank. Therefore, you can select what you are going to do with your capital, from going on vacation, investing in studies or changing your mobile. The application will ask you to enter the monthly amount you want to save. This amount is automatically adjusted for inflation.


It is one of the applications that has a better interface. In addition, it has a good level of functionalities. It allows you to know in a very visual way, both the expenses and the income of the month, which are organized in several categories. One of its utilities is that you can export all the transactions you carry out, using the CSV format within your web page. This way you can work with this file individually.

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This is an application that makes it possible for you to save when you travel. It allows you to save on the flight, which is a great help if you are traveling on a budget. In this way, with the money saved, you can organize excursions or buy a souvenir.

To use it you must include the city or country of origin, the round trip dates and the destination. You have the option of setting any country in the world as your destination. This will show the destinations to which you can travel with less money. The dates can be fixed, for a week, a month or a year. Thus, you can find the best time and the most affordable place where you can go.

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Hotel Tonight

This application Save money on accommodation when you travel. It offers great deals on accommodation, which can be done in just 10 minutes, in a very simple way. You can select different types of hotels that are characterized by being very cheap, but you must do it a week in advance. It is not suitable for planning last minute trips.

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With this application you can find the best deals, with discounts that can be almost 90%. Discounts apply in areas such as beauty, leisure and more. You just have to indicate what your city is and you will be able to know all the available offers. It has a geolocation service, so it guarantees that you can find the most appropriate offers for you. You can enjoy services such as massages and hairdressing, or purchase travel tickets, courses and training, as well as many more discounts in all areas.

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Applications that save money automatically

These applications allow you to save money, by associating them directly with your bank account. Some of the best are as follows:


Best apps to save money

It makes it easier for you to make a totally reliable savings. It is one of the pioneering applications to save with simple methods. The application is backed by Lemon Way, which is a company that is operational in a large number of countries, and that guarantees the money that is handled within the application.

To use it you should only download the application and associate it with a card or to an account. Then you must select the savings plans, which can be from a fixed amount that is applied every time you make a purchase, or challenges that you must meet.

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Challenge 52 weeks

Is a application that works differently from the others, since saving is presented as a challenge. To begin, you must contribute a certain weekly amount, which will gradually increase. It is a totally different way of creating the habit of saving, which is based on progress.

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It is an application that helps you set goals so you can save to reach them. It shows you how often you save, the time you have been saving, how much money you are allocating for savings, the accumulated amount and the amount that is missing so that you can meet your goals. It is an application that can be very simple, but it is very graphic and easy to use. It allows you to control the savings goals in detail.

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This is one app to save in an unusual way. Savings methods include saving for getting up late or spending on tobacco. This application has received awards, including as one of the best finance applications in the world, which was awarded by Silicon Valley.

It is very easy to handle. Download the application, associate your card or a bank account and define the savings methods you want to establish. The options you have available are: rounding, withholding, making challenges or automatic income. With the application you can select both the quantity and the percentage that you want to allocate to savings, in the event that you do not meet the objectives.

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Money Manager, Expense Tracker

It is an application that stands out above the others, due to the large number of categories it has established to classify expenses. Among these are even different types of food, which allows you to know what type of food you spend the most on. You also have the option to export the data in CSV, as well as a daily reminder of the expenses incurred and income that enters your account.


Best apps to save money

It is an application that has a good interface. It makes a summary of the expenses you make on a monthly basis, and shows you comparative graphs of the expenses made in previous periods. You can also establish scheduled payments, to know what you have to pay. You can add budgets, control the debts that you make or make the savings list among other functionalities.


This is not a savings app as such, but it gives away money for signing up for it, plus gifts of extra money just for using the app. You also have the option to use the application just to save and make payments more quickly between friends and family. You can establish that you will not have the money you earn in this application, and then use it in whatever you want.

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Applications to save through purchase tickets

They are applications that are available for mobile for free, and help you to save through shopping tickets. In this way you can save money and be able to invest later in other needs.


It is an application that stands out for being very easy to use. You just have to buy the products and upload the ticket. Then you must wait a few hours for it to be validated. In this way you can accumulate a balance that you can collect when you reach € 20, at certain ATMs. With the application you earn real money, not coupons.

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This application allows you to save and earn money also using scanned paper tickets. It gives you the option to withdraw the money through another application or through the PayPal option and through bank transfers.

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With this application you can receive refunds for purchases that you have done physically. You can also participate in different raffles and promotions, which they do on a regular basis. It gives you the option of marks or by map. In this way you can have everything configured at the time of purchase.

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It is an application in which there is a high demand for records, due to its quality and reliability. The records are closed for the moment, and you must sign up on a waiting list, in which you must indicate what the email is. Once registered, you just have to photograph the tickets and wait for the validation. You can also earn money by completing surveys. The money can be exchanged for prizes.

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Applications to save with refunds or cashback

Other apps that are must-have when it comes to savings, They are the ones that allow you to save when making the purchase. These applications, in combination with the previous ones, can control finances in an effective way from the mobile.


It is one of the most used applications to make online shopping. Although the interface is not the most current, it is essential to achieve the goal of saving when making purchases, with coupons and discount codes. They run different stores, so it is advisable to visit their website, before making the purchase in some of the stores.

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Lety Shops

This is another of the essential applications for save money with your mobile. It is one of the ones with the best cashbacks, when compared to other similar applications. You can earn money with the referral program with their loyalty program.

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Other types of applications to save

You can find a great infinity of applications that allow you to save and control expenses. There are also companies that specialize in promoting savings. For this reason, many applications in their online banking service have incorporated some savings methods, starting from those offered in the applications.

One of these applications is that of BBVA, which has a savings application, that allows you to create short-term or medium and long-term objectives. The purpose is that you can get what you want. It also has penalties, in which the application discounts a certain amount if you spend on certain products, which you establish at the time of configuration.

In case you don’t want to use applications to save, you must go to traditional methods. In these methods, you are the one who establishes and creates the appropriate mechanisms to control the money you spend and the money you receive as income.

However, today it is best to rely on this type of application. For these to work correctly, you need to establish a monthly budget. This way you can know what are the fixed expenses that you must do. It is important that you do not go out of that budget, so as not to have problems.

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