Best apps to find dog and cat sitters

Animals are beings that deserve a lot of attention. But there are people who, although they want to, cannot dedicate the time that dogs and cats require as pets. That is why there are people who dedicate themselves, in exchange for remuneration, to being the caretaker who walks other people’s dogs and cats. Those masters who they cannot dedicate as much time as they would like or should to their animalsthey turn to this type of people so that their pets are healthy and happy.

It seems like a great idea to dedicate yourself to taking care of someone else’s cats and dogs, especially if you are a fan of these animals. But sometimes starting that path is not as easy as it seems. Or that is what is believed, therefore, both people who want to work in it and those who need someone to take care of their dogs and cats they will be able to go to several applications where they will be able to contact those profiles that need or that best suits them to take care of their dogs and cats.

That is why throughout this article we will talk about the best applications to find dog and cat sitters.

What are the best apps to find dog and cat sitters?

What are the best applications to find dog and cat sitters

If you want to work as a dog or cat sitter, the first thing you should do is have a good score or be on a list of sitters. So pet owners can find it when they need it, in case they search for the service in any of these classifications. Therefore, you have to know what the animal care applications are and participate in them to be an individual present in this area and make themselves known to potential stakeholders.

Dogbuddy dog ​​and cat sitter

This is an app that gives users the opportunity to find the ideal sitter for their pet. Even, can give lodging. In case the need arises for the owner to be away from home for a period and they have no one to take care of their furry companion. This is an application where customers can post photos of their pet and answer questions.

It also offers an extra guarantee of security. They have liability insurance and veterinary reimbursement in case the animal gets sick or has to go to the vet for any reason. Inside the app there are more than 30,000 caregivers with proven experience and a good reputation. In this way, dog and cat owners are much calmer because they know that they are leaving their pet in the best possible hands.

What makes this application so interesting is that customers can book and manage. You can stay up to date in real time of how the pet is.


The objective of This applicationdescribed by its creators is connect pets with animal lovers. It works to give users who download it services that include rides, baths, transportation, and multi-day care. It is especially focused on pets that are dogs and cats.



If users live in Madrid or Barcelona, This application it is perfect for them. Because it not only fulfills the role of finding a caregiver, it also offers a complete service that includes training, care and also hairdressing, walking and accommodation services.


Focused not only on dogs, but also on cats. This is an application that helps to control very important aspects of the pet. The way is that in it there is an agenda or calendar that notifies when it is time for medication or visit the vet. It also reports when its last bath was and other relevant issues of the animal that is being cared for.

If you are a pet sitter, these kinds of things are very important, so having everything under control will make the job much easier. You should always write down or know very well the moment of your deworming or your vaccination, among other things. With applications like this one that make work easier, being a pet sitter will be much easier.



If you are already a pet sitter, that is, you already have a job taking care of animals and there are satisfied customers for the activity, this is a space where you can register and post ads to offer yourself as a caregiver. It is a social network where users share everything about their pets. But it also works as a good place to meet people and market yourself.

Here you can see all kinds and kinds of animals, such as exotic pets. It’s a good way to explore not just taking care of or seeing the more typical animals like dogs and cats. You can enjoy what Users publish about various animals and learning about them every day.

animal expert

Every good professional knows about the area in which he works, is well informed and knows what he is doing. Animal caretakers are no exception to this. But you should always be aware of everything new that is happening. With the app you can get a lot more knowledge and learn more about caring for dogs.

Pro Plan P5 Dog Training App

It works as a tool with which the dog can be trained, but not only that, also when it comes to taking care of it. If you learn the tips and tricks inside this app, The dogs will be taught and made to obey and behave in the best possible way.

Something that good coexistence achieves is good socialization and good education, but not only in the pet, but also in those who care for it. This application is an ally because it teaches how to educate. A not so positive point It is that it is in English, only.

Pet First Aids

This app could become anyone’s favorite, in fact, it’s already quite popular. Although it is only expected to be used in emergencies. If you are a dog or cat sitter, or have one of these pets, this app is a good one. It is a platform that has very precise instructions to give first aid to pets in multiple situations in which their lives are in danger.

Being a dog and cat sitter this app is great in case of an emergency or simply because having knowledge is very valuable.

Rover-Dog and cat sitters

Rover-Dog Sitters

The main idea of ​​this application is find trusted dog and cat sitters close to homewhich offer everything from pet care at home, home visits, stays to care and dog and cat walks, according to the requirements of the owner who hires them.

Gudog – Dog and cat sitters

Similar to the previous application, Rover. However, Gudog, has gained a lot of popularity for some time now because professionals who are dedicated to caring for animals and everything that entails have joined it.

Within this platform you can find people who are dedicated to walking dogs and cats, in addition to offering service for their care both at specific times and in longer periods of time, such as Christmas holidays.

If using this application attracts attention, the first thing to do is enter a Gudog web page and create a profile there so that those responsible for the application can consider whether your experience is sufficient, thereby assessing it and decide whether or not to include it among the professionals listed there.


Pawshake dog and cat care

In this application they are not only dedicated to taking care of the clients’ pets, they also teach the users how to be a good cat sitter, dog sitter or dog walker of the area where it develops. Only trusted, vetted, and peer-reviewed professional pet sitters are found here.

If you are a pet owner, you can do the following: Find pet sitters with 5-star reviews from the community, browse profiles to find the right pet sitter with the right qualifications and experience, and also find the sitter who you can meet from free of charge with peace of mind and security. Only trusted and verified pet-sitting professionals are here, because the Pawshake Guarantee is included with every booking.

They have good customer support online and you can see reviews from other users as well as pet owners they can make photo updates of their animals.

On the other hand, if you are a pet sitter, with the use of this Pawshake app you can do the following: create a profile for free and highlight skills, receive reservation requests through instant notifications, share animal photo updates, the calendar can be updated based on availability, have contact information on hand and manage messages and reservations .

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