Best apps to find casual sex of 2023

Many times, a sporadic sexual encounter is all we seek. Many of you may be thinking of married dating sites to have a casual fling with, or some of you may just get out of a serious relationship and just want to have a good time. Beyond famous applications to meet people like Tinder, Badoo or Meetic, you should know those specific ones for people who are looking for the same thing as you. That’s why we bring you The best pages and apps to look for sex in 2023both for people heterosexual as for those of the collective LGBTI.

Best dating websites to flirt online

Best web pages to find casual sex

victoria milan

If you have previously been looking for a page to have a casual intimate date, surely you have come across it. it’s one of the most popular worldwide where you can meet, mainly, young girls who are looking for meetings with older people. Although there is always everything, as in the rest that we will see below. In addition to having more than 6 million users worldwide, is one of the best protect your data and keep your profile anonymous if you wish. You can even find couples who want to start an affair to get out of the monotony of their marriages.

victoria milan

victoria milan It is one of the most popular websites to search for casual sex and it is more focused on married men. One of its main advantages is the option to turn your profile photos blue or literally “mask” your identity with a smart filter. Other features include the option to let messages automatically expire after a set amount of time, an inactivity recognition system that automatically logs you out after a specified period, and even a panic button which will redirect you to an innocuous website in case you almost get caught. The only thing you should be careful because there are many false profiles and messages.


Another of the most popular websites among users and couples looking for casual sex is ContactsX. It works in a similar way to the previous one, although in this case the interface seems even easier to use. You simply have to register alone or with your partner, put the characteristics of the people you want to meet and choose the type of account. also keeps your data safe and is 100% discreetideal for those looking for intimate dates without anyone finding out.


ChatX is a web to search for casual sex focused on men who are looking for encounters with mature women, married women and young girls. Although here you can also come across a fake profile and people seeking remuneration in exchange for a meeting, it continues to be among the preferred options for users. To start chatting with people close to you, you just have to register and create a profile with your data.

Casual Club

Another website where you can choose between the free and paid version is Casual Club. A fast and convenient way to find people either because of their age, physique, closeness or sexual interests. For one, the free account allows you to use some admittedly limited features. But with the VIP-Pass You will be able to arrange meetings with other users, receive proposals, exchange photos and much more.

Best apps to find casual sex



One of the best apps to find sex available on Android and iOS is c-date. It has a growing community around the world and is quite simple to use. You can put some filters like age or distance to find people near your location. The only drawback is that to be able to use all the functions you will have to get a premium account payment.

Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes is one of the best adult apps list. It aims to find sex by connecting users with people who are also using the same app. The user interface is very simple. You only have to choose desired sexual activitiesspecify if you can organize a stay at home or travel to a place and select a mutual match. And the best part is that if for no reason you manage to have a sex date, the automatic application deletes all personal data in less than an hour.


As incredible as it may seem, one of the applications where casual sex is currently most sought for in a real, free and non-deceptive way in Telegram. Since the function of “People nearby”many people take the opportunity to start a conversation with the purpose of having a one-night stand.

To activate this option:

  1. go to Contacts > find people nearby to see the adventurous Telegram users in the area.
  2. press make myself visible to join them and show your profile to others around you.

You should keep in mind that not all users have the same goal, so try to be polite and avoid disrespect. If you want something more specific where everyone is looking for the same thing as you, keep reading.

LGTBI Apps to look for casual sex



The world’s most popular and free application to search for gay sex is, without a doubt, grindr. Although it also has Premium payment options to see who visits your profile or to be able to find people from a greater distance, with the free account you can have a close intimate date without problem. You can create an account and enter information of interest such as your physique, what you are looking for, your age and even if you have recently taken a test for sexually transmitted infections. The only thing that from time to time you will skip an ad for a few seconds.

Wapo and Wapa

A very similar variant where you can find the version for gays and lesbians it is Wapo/Wapa. They are also free although with advertising, being able to opt for the premium version in each of them. At the interface level, it is very similar to Grindr and it also allows you to filter by different characteristics the type of person you are looking for to have sex with.


Taking a step further within the LGTBI collective, scruff has established itself as the app par excellence for meetings between gay, bi, trans and queer people. It is developed by an independent company that ensures to keep all your data safe and your privacy if you wish. It is true that some users report problems when it comes to showing the people they are really close to, but due to its inclusiveness and ease of use it deserves to be among the best apps to find sex.

Today, the power of the internet has made it easier than ever to find no-strings-attached sex. You can be as anonymous, open, kinky, or loving as you want. There are millions of people looking for sex, and these best sex apps we’ve reviewed will help you find them.

If you’re still not sure what you want, you should probably start by meeting people on Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, etc. But if you are looking for something more concrete and intimate, our guide will allow you to find the app or website that makes the most sense for you.