Best applications for online giveaways


Holding raffles has become a common practice for brands and digital businesses. Apart from offering followers, constant activity in networks and being an excellent marketing tool.

But how can I make a raffle or choose the winner in a transparent and random way? We will tell you what are the best apps for online giveaways simply and safely.

Best Applications for giveaways on Instagram

Social networks require constant interaction and part of the frequent interactions are online raffles. It allows offering the best products to customers and raising the reputation of the digital business.

However, it is difficult to transparently show the winner of the draw, for this purpose certain apps are used that can facilitate the process. Therefore, here is our top of The best apps for giveaways in social networks Instagram version:

Giveaways Instagram GiveawayPlus

Instagram Giveaway Plus Giveaway is an instagram comment giveaway and selection tool. It allows you to carry out simple and secure raffles without having to log in, in this application the rules are set by the user.

Among the features of the app we can highlight the following:

  • Adjust Win Count
  • Set Alternate Winners
  • Add keywords
  • Choose modes of participation
  • Giveaway customization

More than 100 thousand users have preferred the services of this app. One of its foundations is the ability to paste the link and start generating the winners, therefore, enter the best apps to do online raffles.


EasyPromos It stands out for being number one in terms of raffles and tools to increase followers is concerned. It is so good that, of course, it had to be paid, one of the things that you should consider if you want to use it.

Not only does it have sweepstakes designs and tools, but it also offers coupon creation, surveys, games and by registration. It is compatible not only with Instagram, it is also perfectly valid for Facebook and Twitter.

Its most striking functions are:

  • Own tool for Email.
  • It has game alternatives to generate followers
  • You can create your own redeemable and personalized coupons for your customers.
  • Synchronization with all your contacts and campaigns for emails
  • You can broadcast the draw results in real time

Rafi- Giveaway for Instagram

Other of the best applications to raffle on Instagram is Rafi-giveaway on Instagram, it is ideal for random gifts or choose winners with the comments. Like other platforms, you do not need to fill in the information, just by pasting the link you can start the draw.

It does not present a predetermined line, therefore you can establish the rules of the draw to your liking. Other of the advantages of the application is to select official and alternate winners, filter tags and share directly with followers.

The app to carry out giveaways on Instagram It has more than a million downloads, user reviews classify it as an excellent option to sort, filter words, tags, and even block comments.

Best apps to carry out giveaways from Facebook

If your intention is to create much more activity and interaction on your Facebook page, we offer you the best applications to do online giveaways from a Facebook page . In addition, they analyze the reach you can get inside and outside of your page rank.

Best apps to carry out giveaways from Facebook


raffle2 is an application with giveaway functions and tools that will help you achieve the impact you want on your social networks. It allows you to get to know your audience better and increase the interactions of your Facebook page.

Among the benefits they offer you, we detail the following:

  • Collect the information of how many people interact with your content
  • You only need the URL of the contest and it will give you the result randomly
  • You can record the screen
  • It’s easy to use

Karma fan page

Karma fan page is an app that has analytical tools and unique features like the fairy godmother option. This allows you to choose the winner of your contest in an original and random way.

Among its most notable functions are:

  • Is free
  • You only need the URL of the contest post to draw the winner
  • It is possible to share the results in real time.

Did you find the app you were looking for?

Undoubtedly, the Internet presents multiple tools for virtual businesses and social networks. It is enough to test the one that best suits the needs, campaigns and dynamics of your business.

We hope that this list has been able to help you find the best apps to run a raffle and increase interactions and customers in your digital business.

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