Best alternatives to Twyp to send and receive money

Technology has constantly evolved, which is why it has seen great advances and changes in daily lives. A context that is not far behind is the way payments are made, but not only in a store or business, it is also when payments are made between individuals. Currently there are applications that make the process much simpler when making small payments and one of them is the Twyp application.

This has become quite popular and has aroused many curiosities among users, especially the bank’s own customers, since it comes from the ING Direct bank. Mobile payment is a way of calling this type of platform, payments made between users in Bizum-type applicationsbut money is also withdrawn using an application on the mobile device, are e-commerce modalities that have become popular in recent years.

But to all these, what is Twyp? Well, it is an ING bank application that works to make payments online and withdraw cash in many businesses in Spain. However, as of August 17, 2022, this application will stop working, so if you are a user of this platform, there is nothing to worry about, throughout this article We will talk about the 5 best alternatives to Twyp to send and receive money.

What are the alternatives to Twyp to send and receive money?

For those who are not aware of the news, according to a statement made officially by the ING bank, users who have an account in Twyp would have to send in a deadline to send their money or withdraw it from the bank before August 17 . Once the account was at 0, that is, the balance was nothing, You could use the option within the app to set the profile to delete the account.

No need to be alarmed, there are always many alternatives to make and receive payments, especially since the world is always coming up with new things and new methods. You can always enjoy the benefits of paying online from a mobile device or sending instant money between individuals with other applications. If interested, you can continue reading to learn more about applications or platforms that best suit according to the list that will be shown below.


What are the alternatives to Twyp to send and receive money

This is a financial platform that was made from an extensive network of Spanish banks. It is one of the most popular instant money transfer systems in the region and it is not necessary to install any additional application on the mobile phone, if the bank with which the user works where they have money accepts it, this service can be activated on the bank app.

When using this platform, money can be sent immediately to anyone with a bank account that also accepts this service. Another of its benefits is that you can pay for purchases made in stores that accept this method of payment, providing only the affiliated telephone number. Of course, each bank is the one who determines the transfer limit that a client can do instantly, during the day or month, without charging commission for transfers.

To know a little more about this application, the link can be clicked bizum for more information.



This platform works like a digital bank which offers its clients financial services quite similar to banks, which in turn has its base of operations within the region of Spain, specifically in the Madrid area. It does not have physical offices to serve customers, so creating an account is a completely online and free process.

The Bnext company offers its customers the option of having prepaid cards to withdraw money from ATMs, it also allows them to buy cryptocurrencies and provides an immediate money sending or receiving service between users. Of course, it is important to take into account that after passing the limit of 100 euros per month in transactions, you charge a commission. ALikewise, to deposit money into the virtual account you need a credit card.

To learn a little more about this application, go to BNEXT for more information.

MoneyBeam vs. Twyp

MoneyBeam vs. twyp

This company is an application of instant payments coming from N26, a digital bank from Berlin, but which operates throughout the European region. In order to use MoneyBeam it is important to have or, failing that, to open a digital account in N26, but this is completely free, it is not necessary to go to any office because everything can be done from the mobile phone.

This application has transaction fees that are practically nil. The incredible thing is that it is enough to have the email address of the recipient of the funds, as well as their phone number. Of course, not everything is perfect, the great disadvantage of this application is that you can not send money to another bankit is essential that both parties have an account in N26.

To know a little more about this application, Accede to MoneyBeam for more information.


Possibly one of the best known companies in the area and with a lot of antiquity within the internet and use, PayPal is a pioneer in sending and receiving money with a high level of popularity worldwide, both for people and for countries. Of course, it is important that for it to work correctly both users have a registered PayPal account to send or receive money, but opening it is totally free.

Of course, it must be taken into account that the user must associate the PayPal account with an accepted bank account or international credit card in order to enjoy all its benefits. Among some of the advantages that this platform can have is that you can pay for goods or services over the Internet, and the limits per transaction are higher. On the other hand, its disadvantages include the fact that there are countries where its use is conditioned. In turn, the commissions it charges are among the highest in the market.

To know a little more about this application, the link can be clicked PayPal for more information.

Revolut vs. Twyp

Known for being a British financial technology company, this is a platform that provides its clients with a financial service quite similar to the larger physical financial institutions. It falls into the category of neobanks or digital banks. Its headquarters are located in the City of London, but it offers services worldwide. Among them we can mention: purchase of foreign currency, virtual checking account and payments between individuals.

If it is more specific, taking into account payments between people, both the one who sends and the one who receives money You must have an account within the platform. Even, in order to have money in the application, it is important that you have first associated it with a credit card or other bank account. The good thing is that they do not charge commission for national transactions.

To know a little more about this application, go into revolt for more information.

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