Applications to watch Free Soccer with Chromecast 2022


Many soccer lovers cannot pay the subscription of some channels where they can watch the matches and they resort to the best pages where they can watch soccer for free. In addition to web pages, you can now easily enjoy all these games on your mobile phone and share them on your Chromecast to watch them on your TV. But so that you don’t spend hours searching, we bring you a couple of applications to watch soccer for free with Chromecast that you can download for free in 2022.

Best apps to watch football for free with Chromecast

Forget about applications that promise you gold to watch the games for free because, normally, you will only be able to enjoy summaries and news once they are over. To watch football for free with Chromecast you will have to share the screen from a web page or resort to players from the Best IPTV Sport Lists. Among the best apps to watch IPTV we recommend the following:


Wiseplay is a free and multiplatform multimedia player, with a version designed and adapted for televisions and devices that have the Android TV operating system. It is compatible with a multitude of video formats and playlists such as IPTV lists. Through this wonderful application you can watch TV shows, sports, movies and all kinds of audiovisual content through playlists on the Internet.

It is possible to stream content from a mobile device to a TV using DLNA or Chromecast, as long as the video format is supported. Furthermore, Wiseplay was developed for Android and iOS, so it will be useful regardless of the mobile you have.

IPTV Player&Cast

IPTV Player Cast is an app that also allows you to watch free TV and football shows on Chromecast from Android device using any Chromecast compatible TV or Fire TV Stick. The main advantage of the app is its undeniable simplicity: you just open the app and then connect it to the Chromecast or Fire TV Stick using WiFi. From there, you can search for shows or movies by name and start watching in seconds.

IPTV Player Cast has quite a small content library at the moment, but it includes several interesting titles like ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Star Trek’. Besides, you can also create your own channel and add all the shows you want to watch. IPTV Player Cast is a good alternative to similar apps like Presto and Yatse (which don’t work properly anymore).

In short, if you want to watch soccer for free on Chromecast, this is one of the best alternatives to Wiseplay.

How to load IPTV lists on Chromecast to watch football for free

We are going to use Wiseplay as an example since we have also offered you a series of lists where you can watch soccer for free on Chromecast. Once you have downloaded the app, you must follow these steps.

To add an IPTV list using an M3U URL, select the pink circle in the bottom right corner of the screen and press “Add List from URL” and paste the M3U URL.

load wiseplay iptv lists

After importing the IPTV list, select the list.

wiseplay iptv list

Here you can select the channels based on each group. You just have to find the one that broadcasts the matches and enjoy the event.

wise play channels

Other applications to watch football for free online

In addition to these applications to watch football for free on Chromecast, there are others that we have analyzed in Tecnoguía such as Zona Deportes HD and a lesser known one that is iRaffle TV. It would be interesting for you to take a look at them because they can surely be useful to you in case any Wiseplay soccer list does not work for you. As you have seen, there are many possibilities to enjoy the sports that you like the most with your Chromecast for free.

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