Application to record working hours

Faced with the new world reality, the fact of working from home has had an ever greater increase. In addition, in most countries there is a legal regulation that obliges companies to keep track of their workers’ hours.

Because of these factors, a large number of applications to record working hours. Their main functions are to facilitate the organization and registration of schedules.

Applications to control working hours

The following describes a series of the applications designed for control of working hours that currently have greater acceptance and popularity for both companies and employees.


Intratime is one of the most popular applications for record the hours worked in companies. The main features it offers are the following:

  • It allows managing the schedule control from a computer or any mobile device through an easy and intuitive interface for users.
  • It has a geographic location service in order to prevent fraud in transfers by workers.
  • Companies will have the ability to view the route of employees, control the schedules they record and assign specific work times for various projects.

  • Because it is information that is filtered, the company has the possibility of consulting the schedule according to the worker, the project or the period of time.
  • It is possible to edit the transfers and their export to various formats such as PDF or Excel.
  • By data encryption, the information can be saved safely. In addition, it has an API that allows its integration with other management systems.
  • Intratime has 3 different plans whose price varies according to the number of employees. Additionally, a 30-day trial period can be activated for a single employee.
  • It has availability for teams with systems ios and Android.


Beebole is another of the applications to sign in most widely used. It makes it easy for workers to keep track of their hours through a very simple to use application.

Among the functions offered to the user are:

  • The application can be configured according to the requirements of each employee.
  • With it you can achieve a daily, weekly or monthly monitoring. In addition, to obtain a global vision of the workload of each employee in a graphical way.
  • It is an ideal application for billing other clients according to the working hours used in the project.
  • Monitor employee absences and vacation periods. In addition to adding a region-specific business calendar.
  • It favors the processing of payroll.

Application to record working hours

  • It is an application accessible from any device, it is available in several languages ​​and it supports different currencies.
  • It presents customers with a free 30-day trial period. Once completed, the company can opt for the payment plan starting at 5.99 euros per month for each person who uses the application.
  • It also offers a basic option of 2.99 euros per month that only allows you to register timetables.
  • If the company is an educational center or an NGO, a discount of 10% will be applied on the rate.

BixPe Control Schedule

The application Bixpe Control Schedule It is a simple solution for companies, regardless of their size. This app allows workers transfer from anywhere and using any device.

Among its characteristics the following can be highlighted:

  • It is possible to keep an hourly control of the working hours, including the breaks made.
  • A photograph can be added to each worker’s profile.
  • It has the function of geolocated clocking, so that the company knows which site is where the registration is being made.
  • In case a worker has forgotten to sign in, they send out reminders by email.
  • Employee vacations can be managed by approving or rejecting leave requests.
  • Employees can choose the project they are working on when they sign in. Thus, the manager has a better idea of ​​the time spent on each of them.
  • Contributes to the creation of reports in Excel and PDF.
  • BixPe time control has a free version that includes some of these functions, with no user limits.
  • In addition, the payment method can be accessed to all these functionalities for 2 euros per month per employee.
  • The application is compatible with Android devices and iOS.


Factorial it is a very complete human resources software. In addition to being useful in controlling schedules and the processing of vacation periods or absences, offers many more functions. Some of these are as follows:

  • It is very useful in the selection processes, when processing some internal documentation or business expenses.
  • The software offers a free trial period for 14 days.
  • Also, he presents his clients with 3 different payment plans. To keep track of schedules, it is enough to select the Essential plan for 3 euros per month and per employee.
  • It is available in stores App Store and Google Play Store.

Bizneo HR

Bizneo HR is a software specialized in Human Resources aimed at companies of any magnitude that focuses on covering the entire management of the employee’s life cycle: recruitment, selection, management, development and loyalty.

Within this application, Bizneo HR has developed a time control app that favors the management of the employee’s signing. As well as the revision of the hours that have been registered by the person in charge.

It is an application that has flexible alternatives for the Assist Control (telecommuting, expected signings, massive signings). It is also useful in organizations that need to place more restrictions in order to more accurately monitor performance, including overtime control in both services.

In this app it is possible to combine it with other time management programs and with other technological solutions in order to improve the most common Human Resources processes.


Sesame is an application for make the signing from a mobile application or through the web.

In addition, it can be integrated with the most popular manufacturers of biometric systems. The advantages that this app offers are:

  • The control of schedules and the management of the vacations of each worker of the company can be carried out through its use.
  • You can include the schedules of each employee, sending the shifts of each worker through the app automatically.
  • Make reports in Excel or PDF, allowing you to analyze the performance of each employee and their workload.

Application to record working hours

  • Establish the method for accounting and rewarding workers’ overtime. In addition, to include a limit of them.
  • The price of this app is higher than the previous ones, and its variation is based on the number of workers that the company has.
  • For smaller businesses that do not exceed 10 workers, the cost will be € 25 per month for each employee.
  • The application has versions compatible with ios and Android.

Labor control

Labor control is a application to control schedules It can be used in both small businesses and large corporations. It can be used on Android devices and for iOS.

This app has a very easy to use interface. It allows signing from any device, making it ideal for telecommuting workers.

Some of the main advantages of this app are:

  • Through their employment, it is possible to keep a record of both the hours worked and the overtime hours, associated with a series of compensations.
  • Labor reports can be extracted for possible inspections, and it is useful in handling employee absences and vacation periods.
  • Prices vary according to the number of employees in the company. From a monthly cost of 19 euros for companies with 5 employees, to paying 1 euro for each employee in organizations with more than 60 workers.


Tab.Work It is a device compatible app ios and Android very easy to use. Workers can sign in through their mobile or by bringing the phone closer to a base located within the company’s facilities.

In addition to this, the application has other important functions such as:

  • A history of hours per worker can be generated.
  • It allows the correction of possible mistakes in the signing.
  • Download reports in various formats, such as Excel and PDF.
  • You can add business calendars, as well as manage employee vacations.
  • All recorded data can be stored in the cloud for 4 years. In this way, legal regulations are complied with and data loss is prevented.
  • Its price is reasonable, from 1 euro per month per employee. However, it offers users a free trial period.

Focus To-Do

Focus To-Do is an app that works using the Pomodoro method, by which periods are configured for the time you prefer. It is available in the stores of the Google Play Store and in the App Store.

The main advantage of this app is that allows the organization of tasks, in order to know how long each one takes. It is completely free and has a version for computers.

Work Record

With Work Record it is possible to wear the control of your working hours in a very simple way. It will only be necessary to adjust your working hours and update the entry and exit times. You can also automatically adjust the breaks to really know how long you have worked.

In addition to the above, it is possible to export all these files to the CSV format, to be able to view them in spreadsheets. The application is free, although it also offers a paid version, and it works with a simple but practical interface.

Timesheet: Time manager

Timesheet is a very easy-to-use application for the record of working hours by means of a single button. In the same way, rest periods can be incorporated. It is an app that will add up the total time you have been working. It is also possible to export the data in XLS and CSV format for use in Excel. The application is available for ios and Android.


WorkingHours is a utility application in organizing your time. It is a more visual application than most of the similar ones. Tags can be added to tasks and is compatible with computers. Its disadvantage is that it is in English, but it is simple to use and understand. It has versions compatible with Android systems and iOS.

Working Hours 4b

Working Hours 4b it is one of the best applications for time control which can be downloaded totally free, containing some ads. It has an easy and intuitive interface to help the user in entering their hours worked, both regular and overtime. It also allows you to set the times when you should pause and can be adjusted to various devices in real time. Available for teams with ios and Android.

Sign in at work

Sign in at work is an application that was created for the control of the schedule in the days worked. It is a free tool with two modes, one that facilitates employee access to their data and thus can record the entries and exits of work from their mobile.

A second way allows workers to clock in at the workplace, and in this case they will only enter their data and will not be able to record the entries and exits. The versions for Android and iOS can be downloaded from the official website. record your daily activities manually. This causes you to know what you have done every hour through a fully manual recording of your work. It is also possible with its use, the generation of reports on your activities and the synchronization of this information in the cloud.


Sage It is a program of web-based schedule control which can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection. It is designed to comply with all legal obligations in labor and social security matters, establishing a context of legal security for the company and its workers.


The wide variety of applications and tools aimed at facilitating the management of hours worked makes it possible for each user to find the one that best suits their needs.

You should consider that the fact of having the possibility of organizing yourself better in the control of your hours worked will result in an adequate use of time and thus you can optimize your work performance.