ACMarket: A free alternative to Google Play

We all know the Google Play Store, the Google store where you need to register to download your applications and even pay for some of them. For avoid app payment and registration If you do not have a Google account, ACMarket has been created.

ACMarket is just one of the mods that work as online stores and are dedicated to modifying the code of paid applications for distribute them later for free between users.

In ACMarket you can find games and applications without any restriction due to external payments and in this way you will be able to enjoy complete games without having to spend any money and without any type of limitation in applications that require some type of payment.

If you want to know a little more about ACMarket, we invite you to continue reading this article and you will know where to download it and what are its characteristics.

What is ACMarket?

ACMarket is a mod from the Google Play Store that allows you to download all the applications for free. The applications found in ACMarket have been modified, so your source code no longer includes restrictions that they normally require for making payments.

You should consider that the content of ACMarket violates copyright, since, their copies constitute pirated applications of the original games and applications.

How is this application structured?

ACMarket is an application very similar to Google Play Store In which you can find a menu with Apps, Games, Mod, Administrator mode, Updates, Downloads, Installations and Downloading.

In the Apps and Games tabs you can find the applications and games as they are in the Google Play Store without any modifications. While in the Mod tab, you will find the modified apps no payment restrictions.

On the other hand, in the administrator mode tab You will be able to register your activity, since, as ACMarket does not require any type of registration, you only have to access with administrator mode in order to save your activity.

In addition, in the administrator mode you will find the applications that are being downloaded, the downloads that you have made and decided to save and the apps you have downloaded and installed from ACMarket from your mobile device.

ACMarket too has an integrated translator which will translate content that is not in your language and allows you to share the content wherever you want.

Where to get it and how to install it?

You can get ACMarket on its official website, where you can download the APK no risk of virus or damage. Head over to the ACMarket page and download its APK.

Once you have the ACMarket APK, you just have to install it on your mobile device. Activate the option “Unknown sources or applications” on your mobile and then run the APK on your mobile. The installation will start automatically.

Once the ACMarket installation is ready will appear in your application menu. You can start using it without the need for registration or payment limitations.

Why use ACMarket?


ACMarket is a free application, very easy to use. It has a forum with opinions about the applications available. It allows you to manage the files and applications that you download and it is completely safe and stable.

In addition, it allows you to download games in an unlimited way without spending money. You do not need to register to download the applications and it is available in up to 20 languages.

Despite this, it can only be used from Android version 4.4.2 and many of its applications are hacking the work of other developers.

If you are looking for a virtual store that allows you download applications without payment limits, ACMarket is the best for you. It offers you modified versions of the original applications without the need to make any payment in order to continue using your favorite games and applications.

But you must consider that the versions of the games and applications they are not the originals. Therefore, they will not be as reliable as the Google Play Store versions.

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