6 Apps to prevent food from being wasted


Food waste is a serious problem and with these apps to prevent food from being wasted they try to alleviate the negative consequences that this has for our society. It is calculated that in Spain more than 7 tons of food are wasted per year, ranking as the 7th country in the European Union that throws the most food away. Instead of being composted or delivered to those who need it, that food is sent directly to landfills and takes up more space than any other type of waste.

In addition, another fact that draws attention ensures that each citizen gets rid of between 95 and 110 kilos of food suitable for consumption each year. Doing our part to reduce this data can make a difference, and these apps help make it easier.

There are companies that ship products that were to be thrown directly to your home and applications that allow you to volunteer your time to transfer fresh food from stores to people in need. Here are the best apps to prevent food from being wasted.

Too Good To Go

One of the best known applications is Too Good To Go. Its development has a clear intention to reduce food waste in our society as well as to avoid greater gas emissions into the atmosphere. Through it we can buying food and dishes from restaurants that are about to go bad yet much lower price than it normally costs.

Its operation is simple. You register, look for the closest restaurant on the map that offers food you like, pay for it and go to pick it up at the indicated time. In this way, you can find fresh food or ready-made food at a very affordable price.

The app is available at Google Play and App Store.

Glad to eat you

Glad to eat you

Another of the best apps to prevent food from being wasted it is Glad to eat you. The operation is very similar to the previous one. Restaurants and shops offer lots of food that they have failed to sell or that are about to expire at least half price.

Once you register in the application, you choose the dish that you like the most, pay for it and come to pick it up at the indicated time and place. It is a very good initiative that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, supports local businesses and helps vulnerable people.

Again, we can find it for Android and iOs.



Another alternative to avoid food waste is Komefy. Its operation is very similar to the first. Through the app, registered supermarkets and restaurants can offer food and dishes at half price when there are a few left 4/5 days to expire.

You just have to search the map nearby places to see what food there is and buy it through the app, a small commission is left for each transaction. When you go to pick it up you have to show the code that is generated with the purchase to take your purchase.

Available only for Android.

I don’t waste

I don't waste

Another of the best apps to avoid wasting food is I do not waste, I share. It is an initiative of Prosalus, an NGO whose mission is to promote respect, protection and guarantee of human rights to food, health and water and sanitation.

This time you will not have to buy lots of food from restaurants but it is about exchange what can be used and that you have left over in your kitchen. You can register both to offer and to receive and you only have to agree with the other person the place and time of collection.

Available for Android and iOs.



This is another application that works in a similar way. It is a project that seeks to put neighborhoods in contact so that they can exchange their leftover food among themselves and thus avoid food waste, and can also help those people who are not having a good time.

You just have to add the food in the application or on the website if you do not want to download anything, choose who you want to share with and agree with that person to deliver it. It is simple, fast and free.




In this case we have a somewhat different application than the ones we just mentioned. With Ekilu You will learn to take advantage of your own food to avoid food waste and you can save the most in each shopping basket.

You just have to add the ingredients that you have on hand and with which you don’t know what to cook so that the app offers you simple and nutritious recipes. It also allows you to keep track of your meals and plans to control and nourish your body and mind.

You can download it at Google play and in App Store.

As you can see, there are many options available so that we can all fight against this scourge. In addition, you will altruistically help other people who need it. Ending food waste is closer thanks to apps like these.

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