5 Tricks to get the most out of your Amazon Kindle


The Kindle is a staple for many book lovers who don’t want to carry extra pounds in their backpack. It is a practical option to be able to have all your favorite books at hand during the day, without having to carry the book on your back. Although it is true that the smell and the turning of the pages of a book is incomparable, this format offers many advantages in daily life. If you’ve just got a Kindle and want to get the most out of it, you’ve come to the right place. we tell you 5 tricks for the Amazon Kindle, so you can launch it in a big way, such as How to unprotect Amazon Kindle books and convert them to EPUB and PDF.

These Kindle tips will help you squeeze all the possibilities of the device, so you can customize the reading to your needs and learn some other trick to enjoy a more than pleasant reading session.

The most ‘Top’ tricks for the Amazon Kindle

These tricks will become your best allies when using your Amazon Kindle. All of them are simple to apply and will improve your experience like no other.

Download free books on Kindle

If books are your passion, but you don’t want to go bankrupt along the way, this hack is for you. There are several pages and applications, completely legal, where you can get totally free titles. So you can continue reading without having to pay too much for your collection.

One of the best options is planet bookwhich has more than 9000 titles without copyright. In addition, this platform offers formats compatible with Kindle, so you do not have to change the format of the document before reading. Also, you can opt for the service Amazon Prime Readingwhich continues to gain importance or lesser known sites such as eBiblio either bubok.

It may happen that you find that some of the documents are not compatible with Kindle, but you can modify their format online without problem. You will have thousands of options to read completely free of charge.

Create annotations in the text while you read

If you are one of those who loves to mark books with phrases that have fallen in love with them or you want to add some clarification to the document, with Kindle there will be no problem. You can underline specific sections of a book or write an annotation in this simple way:

  • Find the snippet you want to feature.
  • Long press on the start of the text and slide your finger across the text to be highlighted to select it.
  • A menu will appear on the screen, where you can choose between Note or Underline.

This trick is especially interesting for those who are encouraged to buy a Kindle for school or university reading. This way you will not miss any important details when studying.

Create a personalized reading experience

Customize the text appearance on your Kindle to suit your reading needs. The font, line spacing, or size in which the pages are displayed are some of the many features that can be configured in Kindle.

In order to access the parameters to modify it, you only have to touch the upper part of the screen, press on Aa Page Appearance and select the settings you prefer.

You’ll be able to make the font bigger so as not to force the view or change the light, among many other features, so don’t hesitate to touch the available options to get a Kindle adapted to you.

Improves device autonomy

If you are one of those who takes the Kindle everywhere and you don’t want to run out of battery halfway, you can use this trick to improve the autonomy of the Kindle device. If you apply these simple changes in the configuration, the battery will perform like never before and you will have reading for a while:

  • Lower the screen brightness: Device feedback has a direct effect on battery life, so feel free to lower it as soon as your environment and lighting allow.
  • Disconnect your Kindle from the Internet: Put your device in airplane mode if you know that you will not need to navigate in the browser. This will help reduce the overall battery drain on your device, which is already designed to last as long as possible.
  • Avoid downloads if you want to save battery: Downloading documents can use up a lot of battery, therefore, it is best to do it when we have the charger very close.
  • keep the updated operating system: This will help you enjoy all the advantages available, you will have a more stable and optimized Kindle according to the updates that improve the device.

Use the Kindle web browser

Are you reading and there is a word you don’t know? The browser that Kindle incorporates can be your best ally. This has limited functions and is in an experimental phase, but it will come in handy for specific questions. You can follow these simple steps to enable the browser on Kindle:

  • Go to the main page of the device.
  • Tap on the 3-dot menu, it’s at the top of the screen.
  • press the option Experimental Browser.

You will be able to access this browser whenever you need it, however, the functions are scarce and its operation is still under development. It will get you out of trouble, but it won’t be your favorite browser. Remember that we have also told you which formats are compatible with Kindle and how to convert those that are not.

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