4 Ways to format an Android mobile from the PC or with the mobile 2021


Although there are several ways to format an Android mobile from the PC, such as using the Recovery mode of the system itself, or with Universal ADB Helper, it is also possible to do it through other methods from the PC. So if you want to try this other alternative, you can also do it thanks to this tutorial explained step by step.

That way, you can solve some persistent problems of your Android system that were not solved by uninstalling the apps or with a simple reset. A way to leave the firmware and the operating system as it came from the factory. Something that could also be a good option if you are going to sell the mobile phone to a third party, since you will eliminate all traces of your data for greater privacy and security.

4 Ways to Format an Android Mobile from the PC

A way to format your terminal or tablet from the comfort of your PCWithout having to deal with key combinations or the touch interface, you can follow these simple steps by these methods.

Using FastBoot

Before starting you have to have the drivers installed on your PC so that the operating system can recognize your mobile phone as one more unit when you connect it using the USB cable.

Now you have to install or reinstall the ADB drivers on your PC. The next step is to download FastBoot through the following link for free and secure:

free download fastboot

  1. Once done, you have to press the power button and volume down at the same time until your tablet or smartphone is turned off.
  2. Your mobile device should have restarted if you have done the previous step correctly. Now, you have to use the USB cable to connect it to your PC.
  3. Now, run ADB and FastBoost to get the process started. To do this, you have to enter a command from the command console of your operating system, whatever it is. That is, the commands should be (write these lines and at the end press ENTER to execute):
    • fastboot erase cache
    • fastboot reboot
    • fastboot erase userdata
    • fastboot reboot
  4. Wait for the process to complete and you will have it ready. What those commands do is delete the cache with the first one, then the second command restarts the mobile. And, finally, the third command what it will do is restore the phone to how it came from the factory, erasing everything you have, including data, apps and settings. Finally, the fourth command reboots the mobile device.

With Universal ADB Helper

Universal ADB Helper

As with the previous program, with this you can also format an Android mobile from the PC safely and quickly. The first thing is to download Universal ADB Helper from the following link:

free download universal adb helper

  1. The first thing is connect your Android mobile to your PC, making sure that it recognizes it properly and installing the necessary drivers if you do not already have them or they are not installed automatically.
  2. Run the tool Universal ADB Helper.
  3. You will see a screen where you can select the option Reboot. Click on it.
  4. Then press where the button appears Bootloader.
  5. Once done, choose the option Factory Reset via Fast Boot.
  6. Now the mobile device will have been formatted.

Phone Reset Mode

Phone Reset Mode

There is a simpler alternative that does not require extra programs or applications and that is within Android phones themselves: reset. In fact, it is one of the most used since it can be operated by simply pressing buttons.

  1. To start Reset mode, you must turn off your phone.
  2. Then simultaneously press the turn on and lower volume at the same time. Although it may be that on your mobile it is turn on + button above (it is a matter of testing).
  3. Now you will see the developer menu.
  4. Look for the reset option moving through the menu with the volume and click the power button when you locate it.
  5. In a few minutes, you will have your Android mobile formatted at the factory.

Remotely reset an Android mobile

Remotely reset an Android mobile

Surely you already know that with your Google account you can have all your information and data synchronized. But, did you know that with it it is also possible to format an Android mobile from another phone? You can also use a PC.

You only have to type in Google “Find my Android” and it will redirect you to this page where you can find your device and be able to reset it to the factory.

find my android

Do you want to know how to format other devices?

What to take into account when formatting a mobile

There are several situations where you may need to perform a hard reset on your Android phone, such as having a full memory, forgetting the screen lock, or the device freezes or malfunctions.

Hard reset is one of two types of resetting a phone. Unlike a soft reset that simply reboots your Android phone, a hard reset removes all of your data, content, settings, and apps previously stored on the phone.

Also known as a factory reset, performing a hard reset will return your device to the factory state. Before doing so, make sure that you are willing to get rid of or back up all your user data.


For whatever reason you want to perform a factory reset on the device, we have left you with 4 different options to format an Android phone from the PC and from the phone itself. Surely with this guide you will have no problems leaving your phone like new.

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