▷ 14 Best Android Applications to Watch Movies Online

Enjoying your favorite movies from your Android mobile and tablet online is possible, and much easier than you imagine. Below you will find a complete list that includes the best Android applications to watch movies online wherever and whenever you want from your mobile device.

With your latest generation smartphone you can play all your movies with a very high image quality and enjoy your leisure time watching what you most want at all times. If you want to know which are the best Android applications to watch movies online, We invite you to continue reading!

Best Android applications to watch movies online for FREE

Now that you know the paid applications to watch your movies online through your tablet or smartphone, the time has come to talk about those that are free, that is, those applications with which you can enjoy the best cinema without having to pay nothing for it, applications to see the best free movies online. Take note!


There is no doubt that Wiseplay is presented as one of the best Android applications, so it is not surprising that it has become one of the most famous and, in turn, downloaded on Google Play. It will allow you to watch free movies online from your Android mobile or tablet. You will be able to see all payment channels for free.

After downloading the application and installing it on your mobile phone, you will enjoy an app with a simple and powerful interface to play all your favorite movies online from your Android mobile or tablet. Keep in mind that in order to watch the movies for free, in addition to the application, you will need to have the famous Wiseplay lists, since they will allow you to see all the content.


At the height of Wiseplay is Kodi, another of the best applications that you will find in this list to be able to watch free movies on your smartphone online. It will not only allow you enjoy movies in HD quality and totally free, but you can also enjoy a lot of other content such as music, football, etc.

Kodi is an ideal alternative to watch movies online for free that you can download easily and quickly from Google Play. Although its installation and configuration is somewhat complex, it is true that you can find endless videos and tutorials that explain how to do it.


Another great recommendation that should not be missing from this list is SnagFilms. This application to watch free movies online on Android is one of the best for your Android smartphone. It will allow you both to search for movies and to play them.

You can find it totally free on Google Play to download. It offers a large number of films and documentaries. This application is perfect if you want to make the most of your free time, be it on the train, on the bus, at home or wherever you want.

download snagfilms


Videomix is ​​another of the Android mobile applications that will allow you to watch movies and series for free online. Provides the user with Chromecast functionality. You can watch movies that you can filter by year, genre, as well as country of production.

It is not available on Google Play, so you will have to download the Videomix APK and install it on your mobile device to enjoy your favorite movies. You must activate the Unknown Origins option on your mobile device and tablet. To do this, you must go to Settings, go to Security and, later, activate the option to Unknown origins.

download videomix


Nor can we forget Mitele, an Android application belonging to the Mediaset group that will also allow you watch movies for free, both Spanish and foreign.

It not only offers you movies, but also enjoy national and international series, sports news, cartoons, and much more.

You must download it on Google Play for free. It is compatible with Chromecast, like the rest of the apps on this list. It has a very simple interface.


It is an application for Android mobiles belonging to the Atresmedia group. With this application you will be able to see the best contents, be it movies, series, as well as many other television programs. It offers HD quality in the images.

It is perfectly compatible with Chromecast support. With Atresplayer you can enjoy watching both Spanish films and films in English and in the original version. Google Play is free and stands out for having a really simple interface to use.

Show Box

New to Show Box? It is another of the great protagonists of this list of the best Android applications to watch movies online for free. For a long time it was one of the most popular and downloaded from Google Play, but currently you must download its APK for free, or through its official website.

The Android Show Box application will allow you to watch the best movies, the newest movies, as well as series. The great strength that this application offers is that It allows you to download the movies in advance to be able to watch them without having to have an Internet connection.

download show box


PelisPlus is an ideal application to watch movies in HD quality. It is compatible with Chromecast, so you can pass what is seen on your mobile to your TV in high-quality images. You will have access to an extensive catalog of movies and series. It is considered one of the best applications to watch movies online without stopping a penny from your mobile phone.

download pelisplus


Españolflix is ​​the penultimate application on this list. You have multiple films of different themes to enjoy your moments of vacation. It is not available on Google Play, so you will have to install its free APK on your mobile.

To do this, you must activate the Unknown Origins option of your mobile or tablet, having to go to Settings, then to Security and then you must activate the option of Unknown origins.

download spanishflix


Finally, we want to talk about Playview, another of the best alternatives that you have at your disposal to watch free movies in streaming, although we have left it at the end because it is not as useful and practical as the rest. It is ideal if you cannot see your movies with the rest of the alternatives.

Playview is categorized with movies based on their genre, popularity, among other factors. To all this we must indicate that if you have a Chromecast device you can use it with Playview to be able to easily play the movies of your interest on your TV.

download playview

Other guides that may interest you:

Best Android apps to watch PAY movies online

best android apps to watch movies

In the following lines you will find those applications to be able to watch movies online from your paid mobile devices. That is to say, these apps to see online movies require subscription, either yearly or monthly. The price may vary depending on the package contracted. This interests you!


Is about one of the payment applications par excellence to enjoy your movies online from your Android device.

It is necessary to have Internet access to be able to enjoy this application and all the content that it is capable of offering, although it also allows you to watch movies without the Internet.

For this, it will be necessary to have previously downloaded the movie of your interest on your Android mobile or tablet. This platform offers you several plans to contract, in addition to a free trial month.

Amazon Prime Video

Another great application to see where and when you want your movies online from your Android devices is Amazon Prime Video.

It is another great alternative that you should not miss, since it offers its users a pretty movie catalog extensive.

If you are an Amazon Prime user and pay its reduced annual fee, you can enjoy Amazon Prime Video completely free of charge, without having to pay any extra for it.


Within this list, HBO should not be missing, another of the great platforms where you can enjoy countless movies that you can see alone or in the company of whoever you want.

It has a very wide film catalog, suitable to satisfy the needs and preferences of all its users. The streaming service to watch series is indisputably its main strength.

Downloading this application is totally free, but if you want to be able to enjoy its content, you will need to sign up as a client and pay the monthly fee. It offers you up to a free trial month, as well as the option to connect two devices simultaneously.

Movistar Plus

To finish the block of Android applications to watch paid online movies, we end up talking about Movistar Plus. This Android application is ideal for watching movies online from your mobile device, paying the corresponding monthly fee depending on the channels you hire.

Not only can you watch movies online, but you can also watch series, football matches, and much more entertainment content. The price of the package will vary depending on what you hire and want to be able to see.

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